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‘Love, Wedding, Repeat’ on Netflix Gets Love The Second Time Around

'Love, Wedding, Repeat' rolls the dice on multiple timelines with a wedding at the center of it all. It's all fun and games until a misplaced sedative blows the reception to epic proportions.

The Story: 

Love Wedding Repeat unfolds across multiple timelines with a wedding in Rome at the center of it. Sam Claflin plays Jack the polite, well-mannered support system to his sister who is to be married and finds himself stuck at Table Four with key wedding guests whose stories are reluctantly intertwined due to a misplaced sedative.  

Watch it if you are: 

A fan of About Time, a romantic comedy that also plays with time as a concept; When We First Met, another Netflix rom-com flick about getting a second chance at a meet-cute; Love Actually, only because of the multiple storylines; and Vantage Point, because it was the first thing I thought of, and you will understand why (minus the crime of course). Hugh Grant enthusiasts will also enjoy a spot of inspiration from Sam, who mimics a Grant-esque delivery during his time with dialogue. 

What I think: 


I felt a bit lukewarm with the movie at the start probably because of the excess dialogue, but is it weird to say that I actually appreciated the whole thing right in the middle when things started to get zany? I like how the film honored the timeless concept of chance, and how in any permutation of love, the ending is just about right. The plot is nothing new from the many, many romantic comedies that I’ve previously caught in my day, but its thesis was delivered humorously and simply: How much can you play with a table of eight? 

Said to be a remake of French film Plan de Table, the film developed like a play – a farce, I might add in two acts – what, with the little detailed (almost operatic) swelling of the orchestra, lightly tapped piano keys similar to the slapstick comedies of old during key funny moments and the camera transitions. The story was light, just enough to be enjoyable, and the dialogue was sharp, deadpan and just plain hilarious. You’ll find yourself rooting for these characters and their journey towards their redemption arcs and the pitiful messes they get in to get there. But the last act of gumption done by a key character will have you smiling and cheering for him to get the ending he always deserved.  

(PS: I wasn’t kidding about my review title).  

My Rating:

Love, Wedding, Repeat is now streaming on Netflix. Watch it here.

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