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Epic Fantasy Fusion: ‘Dragons of Wonderhatch’ Merges Live-Action and Anime in a Stunning New Series

Dive into the magical world of 'Dragons of Wonderhatch', a unique live-action and anime crossover series. Catch a glimpse of the new trailer and character posters before its Disney+ premiere on December 20.

Disney+ is set to captivate audiences with its innovative series, “Dragons of Wonderhatch“, premiering with two episodes on December 20. This groundbreaking show seamlessly blends live-action and anime, offering viewers an unparalleled storytelling experience.

Meet Nagi: A Dreamer Between Worlds

At the heart of the series is Nagi, portrayed by the talented Sena Nakajima. Living in Yokosuka’s “real world”, Nagi always felt out of place. Her longing to fly becomes a doorway to adventure when Thaim, a dragon rider, and his dragon Guphin emerge from her bookcase. This unexpected encounter leads Nagi into a thrilling quest to save Thaim’s world, Upananta.

The Stellar Cast of ‘Dragons of Wonderhatch

Joining Nakajima is Daiken Okudaira as Thaim, the courageous dragon rider from Upananta. Mackenyu brings life to Aktha, another dragon rider hero. The show also features Go Morita as Shibata, a former hero turned convenience store worker; Rena Tanaka as Nagi’s enigmatic mother Hana; Masaki Miura as Taichi, Nagi’s father; Riko Narumi as Kanna Nijisaki, a public defender; and SUMIRE as the outcast researcher Saila.

Behind the Magic: The Creative Minds

Kentaro Hagiwara’s direction, combined with Takashi Otsuka’s animation expertise and the artistry of Posuka Demizu, makes “Dragons of Wonderhatch” a visual masterpiece. Production I.G, known for “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”, brings its signature flair to this series.

Catch the Magic Before the World

The latest trailer and 10 character posters offer a tantalizing preview of this extraordinary series. Be among the first to witness this blend of fantasy and reality, exclusively on Disney+ starting December 20.


This blend of live-action and anime is a trailblazer in visual storytelling, offering a rich narrative and stunning visuals. “Dragons of Wonderhatch” promises to be a must-watch for fans of both genres, setting a new standard in entertainment.

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