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“Run Rabbit Run” – A Thrilling Dive into the Depths of Parental Trauma and Guilt

Discover "Run Rabbit Run," a spine-tingling psychological thriller by Lionsgate Play, blending haunting memories and maternal challenges. Directed by Daina Reid and written by Hannah Kent, this film starring Sarah Snook promises a gripping exploration of unresolved trauma.

Lionsgate Play’s latest addition, “Run Rabbit Run,” a psychological thriller, promises to send shivers down the spine of its audience. Directed by the acclaimed Daina Reid, known for “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and penned by Hannah Kent in her debut screenplay, the film takes the viewer on a harrowing journey into the abyss of unresolved parental trauma.

Unraveling the Mystery: Sarah’s Struggle

Run Rabbit Run” stars Sarah Snook of “Succession” fame, portraying Sarah, a dedicated fertility doctor and single mother. Her world is turned upside down when her seven-year-old daughter Mia, played by Lily LaTorre (“The Clearing”), starts exhibiting bizarre behavior. Claiming to be Alice, Sarah’s long-lost sister, Mia becomes the catalyst, unearthing forgotten ghosts and painful memories from Sarah’s past.

The Inspiration Behind the Story

Hannah Kent’s inspiration for the story stems from a captivating documentary about children recalling past lives. “I’d seen this amazing documentary which focused on children who remembered other families or spoke of previous experiences; and I was always curious about what that would be like as a parent, to have your child start to talk about another mother, another father… It’s about the suffering and the grief that you experience when you lose that connection with your own child, as well as the suffering linked to unresolved parental trauma.” Kent explains. This narrative is a deep dive into the psychological turmoil and the inherent complexities of maternal bonds and guilt.


Exploring Motherhood and the Female Psyche

Director Daina Reid highlights the film’s unique perspective on motherhood and female guilt. “Run Rabbit Run” delves into the intense pressures and societal expectations faced by working mothers like Sarah. Reid accentuates the balancing act between personal fulfillment, financial security, and the demanding role of a single parent.

A Milestone for Female Leadership in Film

Significantly, “Run Rabbit Run” has received backing from the Screen Australia Gender Matters initiative. It stands out as one of the few feature films with a female-majority leadership team in the production department, marking a notable achievement in gender representation in the film industry.

Catch the Thriller on Lionsgate Play

Embark on this haunting journey with “Run Rabbit Run,” premiering exclusively on Lionsgate Play starting November 24. This film is not just a thriller; it’s an exploration of the depths of the human psyche, maternal challenges, and the haunting impact of the past.

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