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Dark Korean Drama ‘Vigilante’ Unleashes Revenge on Disney+ November 8

Get ready for a gripping ride as 'Vigilante' premieres exclusively on Disney+ on November 8. Revenge meets justice in this intense Korean drama!

A Tale of Revenge Unfolds

Buckle up, drama enthusiasts! There’s a thrilling new Korean series coming to Disney+, and it’s about to take you on a rollercoaster ride of vengeance and justice. Vigilante is set to premiere exclusively on Disney+ on November 8, and it’s not your typical K-drama.

Vigilante’s Dark Premise

Picture this: A criminal, with a history drenched in violence, gets a shockingly light sentence after brutally taking the life of a woman. It’s a chilling scenario, but it’s the very premise of Vigilante.

Growing Up with a Grudge

After witnessing this miscarriage of justice, the woman’s child, Kim Jiyong, grows up with a burning desire for revenge. He’s had enough of a legal system that fails to protect the innocent and lets repeat offenders roam free.

Revenge Meets Dedication

Jiyong decides to channel his anger into something productive. He becomes a star student at the police academy, a martial arts master, and an academic aficionado. Why? To hunt down those unrepentant repeat offenders who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system.

Justice with a Dark Twist

But here’s where it gets intense: Jiyong doesn’t rely on the courts to deliver justice. No, he dishes out his brand of violent retribution. It’s a dark twist that sets Vigilante apart from your typical dramas.


The Cat and Mouse Game

As Jiyong’s crusade against crime unfolds, the media catches wind of his vigilante attacks. Suddenly, he’s thrust into a high-stakes cat and mouse game. Can he continue pursuing criminals while avoiding the clutches of the law himself?

Meet the Cast

The stellar cast includes:

  • Nam Joohyuk (known for “Start-Up” and “Twenty Five Twenty-One”) as the relentless vigilante, Kim Jiyong.
  • Yoo Jitae (of “Oldboy” and “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” fame) as Jo Heon, a determined detective hell-bent on stopping the vigilante.
  • Lee Junhyuk (renowned for roles in “Stranger” and “Designated Survivor: 60 Days”) as Cho Kangok.
  • Kim Sojin (recognized for “The Spy Gone North” and “The King”) as Choi Miryeo, a broadcaster exposing the Vigilante’s actions.

Behind the Scenes

Vigilante is skillfully directed by Choi Jeongyeol, who knows how to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Join the Korean Drama Wave

Vigilante joins an impressive lineup of Korean content available on Disney+, including “Moving,” a gripping tale of South Korean spies safeguarding their superpowered children from nefarious government agencies. Also, don’t miss out on “The Worst of Evil,” a pulse-pounding crime thriller where a volatile police officer infiltrates a dangerous gang.

A World of Entertainment

Disney+ subscribers can dive into an extensive library of entertainment, including other APAC Originals and global blockbuster titles. There’s no shortage of thrilling stories to explore.

Mark Your Calendar

Get ready to dive into the dark and suspenseful world of Vigilante. Stream the first two episodes of this eight-part series starting November 8, exclusively on Disney+. It’s a date you won’t want to miss!

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