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Filipino Adaptation of ‘Keys to the Heart’: A Melodic Tale of Family and Reconnection

"Keys to the Heart", the Filipino reimagining of a Korean classic, melds music, family bonds, and stellar performances. Premiering on Netflix, October 4.

The fascination with Filipino and Korean content on Netflix is undeniable, capturing the hearts of viewers across the Philippines. Filipino and Korean media have solidified their footprint in the hearts of Filipino viewers, with Netflix queues overflowing with titles from both nations. And when these narrative powerhouses merge, it’s a delightful cinematic treat waiting to unfold. The beloved 2018 Korean cinematic gem, Keys to the Heart, a 2018 Korean film starring Lee Byung Hun and Park Jung Min, is getting a uniquely Filipino reimagining. Picture a boxer at his lowest, reconnecting with a mother he barely remembers and an autistic brother with an extraordinary gift.

Courtesy of Netflix

A Star-studded Ensemble

Leading the lineup, Zanjoe Marudo (366) and the ever-talented Elijah Canlas (famed for roles in Gameboys Level-Up Edition and Kalel, 15) breathe life into the estranged siblings. Adding to the cinematic brilliance, we see Dolly de Leon, the luminary recognized by both BAFTA and the Golden Globe, depicting the pivotal role of their doting mother.

A Story Beyond Borders

Kerwin Go, the Cebuano director with a knack for storytelling (remember Mina-Anud?), cherishes the essence of this tale. For him, it’s more than just a movie; it’s a testimony. “This story exalts all kinds of families – be it by blood, by choice, or by circumstance. It’s about bonds that go beyond traditional labels, where friends, neighbors, and communities become an integral part of one’s family,” Kerwin articulated during the See What’s Next: Philippines 2023 local title revelation.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Art that Speaks Volumes

The freshly unveiled promotional artwork for this Filipino rendition captures the film’s spirit with grace and subtlety. Three intertwined figures, moving forward amid a myriad of doors – both ajar and sealed, against the motif of a piano. It succinctly symbolizes aspirations, challenges, and the harmonious blend of love, unity, and music in a family rediscovering each other.

Get ready for a roller-coaster of emotions, music, and the undeniable magic of family ties. Mark your calendars – Keys to the Heart is all set to charm its way onto Netflix come October 4.


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