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‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Q&A: Lily Collins, Ashley Park, & Camille Razat Talk About their Characters’ Growth, Friendship, & More

Catch the third season of 'Emily in Paris' when it drops on Netflix this December 21!

Emily Cooper is back for another season of Netflix’s Emily in Paris, streaming this December 21. Now in its third season, the hit Netflix show follows Emily as she faces more life-changing choices, involving her dream career and further complications in her romantic life.

Before Emily in Paris season 3 releases on Netflix, its stars Lily Collins (Emily Cooper), Ashley Park (Mindy Chen), and Camille Razat (Camille) joined a virtual roundtable interview with the Philippine press where they talked about this season’s story trajectory, the growth of their characters, and more!

Check out the highlights of the Q&A below:

Can you share about your character’s growth this season?

Camille Razat: I think we get to see more of her work side, we see more of her at the gallery, being an artist. So more work side to that, and I would say there would be more love triangles and more complicated things.

Lily Collins: For me, you get to see me make decisions and then per usual, once I made decisions, they slightly become undone in certain ways based on experiences that happened. But there’s a quiet confidence about Emily this season and feeling more grounded in her skin and the city that I was excited to partake in.


Ashley Park: I think Mindy, in the first season, I don’t know if you’re a horoscope kind of person with you know, your star sign, your rising, mask, and your moon… But I feel like, in the first season, we really got to see Mindy’s rising sign, the mask, the [people’s] first impression of her as she gets to know Emily. In the second season, she grows closer to her and she gets to be vulnerable and we get to understand who she is on the inside, her moon. And I think that in the third season, she has to figure out how to navigate her past and present and not apologize for herself anymore and I think that we really see her star sign.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

How did the styles of your characters evolve across the three seasons of the show?

Ashley Park: I feel like, a lot. All three women, I feel like all of us have really found our identities, and they’re all becoming the women that they really want to be, and really trying to discover… We self-express through fashion, and I think especially for Mindy and also Emily, you know this is [Mindy’s] second year in Paris, and Emily, she’s within her first year, and we have a Parisian here. So, all of them are grounding on who they are in Paris, whether they lived there for a month, a year, or their whole life. I really feel like everybody’s found this chic tone this season, that’s very empowering. Especially watching it last night I felt like, even all of us are as bright and risk-takers as we want to be, or feel in that moment, there’s a really chic, nice undertone this season.

Lily Collins: And I think for me, specifically, there’s a more French quiet confidence about Emily’s wardrobe even though she’s as bright and bubbly. She’s being influenced by the women that she’s surrounded by. And feeling quiet and confident in her place in the city, it gets shown in her wardrobe. So it’s as big as you hope for, but at the same time slightly tailored down to feel a little bit more grounded.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

If there was an Emily in Paris spinoff where Emily gets a vacation someplace else, where would you like her to be?

Lily Collins: I would say… I have two places and I know what they think I’m gonna choose because I love Copenhagen and I think Emily in Denmark would be amazing. But I also think that Tokyo would be really fun, because for me, I love being in Tokyo because it feels like you’re in the past and the future at the same time, and for Emily to be surrounded by so much visual stimulation, I think would just be so fascinating and like another fish out of water experience. I think that would be so fun.

What can you say to the viewers out there who are doubting themselves in terms of taking a leap of faith in their career and romance, just like Emily did?

Lily Collins: I think not being afraid to fall is really important. I think letting go of control and not being afraid to not have it go perfectly is really important in order to succeed and go forward. And sometimes, you have to rely on others to lift you up, and that’s okay. So as long as you know that you have a support system around you to support you when things don’t go your way and to celebrate you when you do, it makes it that much easier.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

What are the important things about friendship that you’ve learned while working on this project?

Ashley Park: What I love about the female friendships in [the show], between us three is there’s no sense of judgment. I think that we all have our separate challenges and we go through different obstacles, and we didn’t even see eye to eye sometimes. And I think that the grounded support that comes into friendship, comes from this non-judgmental nature, in the spirit of just trying to be empathetic and being there for each other and I think that’s really beautiful.

Lily Collins: Yeah, and I’ve learned so much from both of these women on set, but really offset, about embracing who you are. Learning and growing, and not being afraid to ask for help or ask questions, being you. As simple as seeing you with and without your makeup, is the same as seeing you with and without knowing all the answers all the time. It’s like you’re being able to be vulnerable as well as strong, and that’s a beautiful thing and both of these women beside me on screen and off, they emulate that all the time, and I think it’s very inspiring.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Emily in Paris season 3 arrives on Netflix this December 21.

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