WATCH: Emma Watson, Millie Bobby Brown Accept First Gender-less Awards in MTV Movie and TV Awards

The recent wins of Watson and Brown, both gender-less awards, have been much praised; now the focus will be on sheer talent of the actors without being separated by gender. Watch their acceptance speech here.

In the recently held MTV Movie and TV Awards held on May 7th (May 8th in the Philippines), Emma Watson became the first recipient of the award for Best Actor in a Movie, the first ever gender-neutral award in history. This has been a big move for the MTV award-giving body to do as throughout the years, awards shows like the Academy Awards and the Tony Awards have made the distinction of giving separate awards for actors and actresses. 

Presented by gender-neutral non-binary performer Kate Dillon, Emma Watson, in her performance as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, received the award she won against both male and female performers including Hugh Jackman (Logan), Hailee Steinfeld (The Edge of Seventeen), Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out), James McAvoy (Split), and Taraji P. Henson (Hidden Figures).

The 27-year old British actress did not forget to acknowledge the difference that the genderless award makes in the industry.

Watch her acceptance speech below:

Beauty and the Beast also bagged the Movie of the Year Award.

Another recipient of a gender-less award is Millie Bobby Brown, who bagged the Best Actor in a Show award for her portrayal of Eleven in Netflix’ Stranger Things, which was also named Show of the Year.

The 13-year old, overwhelmed with the award, proceeded to thanking her parents, her publicists, as well as the director and creators of the famed Netflix series for creating her iconic character.  

Watch Millie Bobby Brown’s speech below:

The awards given to Watson and Brown have been the game changer in the awards shows, allowing everyone to focus on the sheer talent of the actors without being separated by gender. While MTV has set the bar for the way recognition is given among artists, we would have to wait and see if awards shows will follow suit in the future!

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