10 Shows and Films Coming to Netflix This February 2022

What's the forecast on Netflix this month? Well, lots of romance, some thrilling titles, and more!

Since its arrival here in the Philippines, Netflix has been continuously bringing us great content to stream on our favorite devices. Whether it’s a kilig K-drama with characters to fall in love with, a thrilling title that keeps us at the edge of our seats, comedies that give us our much-needed dose of laughter, or just anything that keeps us entertained on the couch or on the go, we surely can count on the streaming service’s rich library of shows and movies.

If you’re always on the lookout for Netflix’s latest releases, then look no further! We’ve listed down ten shows and films to anticipate and add to your watchlist this month of February!

Murderville (Series)

February 3 | Watch it here

This improvisational comedy series follows the eccentric detective Terry Seattle, who must team up with clueless celebrity guest stars to solve murder cases.

Photo: Netflix

Child of Kamiari Month (Film)

February 8 | Watch it here


This anime movie follows a young girl who, a year after losing her mother, must journey across Japan and get to the sacred land of Izumo where the annual gathering of gods takes place.

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Love Vs. Stars (Series)

February 9 | Watch it here

This Filipino rom-com stars Miles Ocampo as Luna who always believes what the stars tell her. When her best friend, played by Khalil Ramos, confesses his love for her, he gets rejected because astrology deems them incompatible.

Love and Leashes (Film)

February 11 | Watch it here

This naughty South Korean flick stars Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun who finds herself becoming a dominatrix after she starts an office romance with a submissive co-worker played by Lee Jun-Young.

Inventing Anna

February 11 | Watch it here

From Shonda Rhimes comes this limited series based on a New York article. It follows a journalist who tracks down the story of Anna Delvey, who was able to convince New York’s elite that she was a German heiress.

Forecasting Love and Weather

February 12 | Watch it here

This new K-drama starring Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Bak, and Yura centers on the people working at the  Korea Meteorological Administration. Jin Ha-kyung, who just suffered from a brutal break-up, decides not to participate in an office romance again, but that is before the attractive newcomer Lee Si-woo joins the team.

Twenty Five Twenty One (Series)

February 12 | Watch it here

Another new K-drama, Twenty Five Twenty One stars Nam Joo-hyuk of Start-Up and Kim Tae-ri of Space Sweepers. Set during the peak of the East Asian Financial crisis in 1998, the series mainly revolves around an 18-year-old fencer who meets a 22-year-old man trying to rebuild his life– and how their relationship evolves in the span of three years.

One of Us is Lying (Series)

February 18 | Watch it here

After five high school students share a time in detention together, their secrets and a mysterious killing would continue to tie them together outside detention.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Film)

February 18 | Watch it here

This sequel is set in the modern day where a bunch of influencers who want to revive a ghost town in Texas becomes the target of the infamous killer Leatherface.

Space Force, Season 2 (Series)

February 18 | Watch it here

The workplace comedy series headlined by Steve Carell resumes its operations as they try to prove their worth under the new administration.

Photo: Netflix

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