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Emily in Paris Season 2

Lily Collins’ Love Interests Share What to Expect on ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2

Lucas Bravo and Lucien Laviscount shares what it's like working with Lily Collins for Emily in Paris Season 2!

Emily in Paris is back for another season!

Now more established, Emily is now better at navigating the city but still struggling the French life. After a love triangle with her neighbor and first real French friend, Emily is now more determined to focus on her work which is getting more complicated by the day. When she’s finally found her footing, she then meets a fellow expat in her French class who infuriates and intrigues her at the same time.

Watch the Emily in Paris trailer below:

In a roundtable interview, we talked to the original love interest Lucas Bravo who plays Gabriel, and a new love interest Lucien Laviscount who plays Alfie. Lily Collins’ love interests share what to expect in the new season — what it’s like being back for another season, working with Lily Collins, and more. Read the interview below:

Lucas on being back for a second season

Lucas Bravo: The first season, we shot it and it came out a year and a half after. It’s actually amazing that this time we shot it and it’s coming out six months later so I like that things are running faster. Now that it’s coming out so fast, I can still remember and connect everything, and it’s just an opportunity to get better at our craft. Also, we’re just so excited to share the story with the world because I think everybody’s expecting to see where the story is going. 

Emily in Paris Season 2
Courtesy of Netflix

Lucien on his character Alfie being arrogant and anti-French

Lucien Laviscount: I don’t necessarily think that he is arrogant or anti-French. I think Alfie is just very much in his own world. He’s been dropped into France for work so he’s in his own lane. Just like Emily is in her own lane with work, she’s so passionate about what she does. Alfie is just not like that. That makes him the antagonist to that so that’s what creates the beautiful kind of journey together. So I wouldn’t say Alfie’s arrogant, I think he’s the complete polar opposite – I think he’s more grounded. Emily opens his eyes to the beauty of Paris and the view of life, and likewise, Alfie opens up her life to a little bit more excitement than she’s probably used to.


Lucas on how different Gabriel is in the upcoming season compared to the previous one

Lucas Bravo: Gabriel in the second season is getting his own restaurant. He’s navigating blurry waters with Camille and her mom trying to back him up in a restaurant and now he’s actually his own man. So he’s getting a feeling of accomplishment and it’s just a season of expansion for him. And now, the love triangle becomes a circle that becomes an octagon and becomes a circus, but that’s for you to discover. This season is so rich with new characters with new dynamics and it’s just a season of unraveling the truth and navigating it to the best of their abilities. 

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Emily in Paris Season 2
Courtesy of Netflix

Lucien on a memorable experience with co-star Lily Collins

Lucien Laviscount: The first opportunity I talked to Lily was on Zoom when I sent my audition and met her and Darren. She just did a 12-hour day’s work and the call was scheduled for 15 minutes after her hectic day of work. And we were on the call for close to an hour and that shows you what kind of a woman, producer, artist, actress, and human being she is. She really cares about her role as a producer and she cares about her role as a human being and as an actress. And to give an actor their time, that for me speaks volumes about her. I never saw anything less than that and I think that was the most powerful moment I’ve experienced.

Lucien on what makes his character an essential person to enter Emily’s life

Lucien Laviscount: Emily’s been living in Paris for a long time now. She’s got friendships, she’s lost friends, gained friends, lost lovers, and it’s all become this whole cycle for her. And I think that Alfie comes in at the right time for her just to do something for herself. Emily has been encaptured into this world where she feels that she has to be something to be somebody and Alfie comes in and allows her to be free and just to let herself go and not care about tomorrow.

Emily in Paris premieres on Netflix on December 22. Stream it here.

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