Rhen Escaño and Rita Martinez to Star in Vivamax’s GL Series ‘LULU’

GL fans are in for a treat in 2022 as the girl love series Lulu premieres on Vivamax! The upcoming series, which will be premiering on the streaming site this January 21, 2022, comes from Kita Kita director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo and stars Rhen Escaño and Rita Martinez.

See the trailer below:

Lulu follows the bubbly and outspoken Sophie who escapes to her beach-front AirBnB to disconnect from the world and rehabilitate the house. She believes that she still has not done anything right, but things start to change when Abi walks into her life, stumbling upon Sophie’s AirBnB when she decides to go on a spontaneous journey.

The 8-episode series comes from director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, whose works include Kita Kita and Ang Huling Cha-cha Ni Anita. It stars Rhen Escaño (Adan, UnTrue) and Rita Martinez (The Voice Philippines).

Lulu premieres on Vivamax this January 21, 2022. Follow Vivamax on Facebook and Instagram for updates regarding this title.



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