Cartoon Network’s ‘Mechamato’ Features an Awesome Robot That Could Fuse Into Objects

The show premieres on Cartoon Network this December 4!

Mechamato – an awesome new cartoon fully loaded with action and comedy – is ready to power on to screens in the Philippines on Saturday December 4, only on Cartoon Network.

The star of the series is a boy named Amato who becomes the master of a destroyer robot called MechaBot with the ability to mechanize objects. Together they track down other robots escaped from a prison ship that crash-landed on Earth.

“In amongst all the action and the jokes, Mechamato is a story about companionship, imagination and innovation,” says Leslie Lee, Head of Cartoon Network in Asia Pacific. “Kids are going to love it!”

The show is created by Monsta, based in Cyberjaya in Malaysia.

Monsta’s Chief Content Officer and Mechamato showrunner, Anas Abdul Aziz, added: “Mechamato is about the friendship between Amato, a boy with crazy ideas, and MechaBot, a robot with the ability to materialize those ideas into cool mechanizations. The show is packed with action, humour, and tons of interesting characters and robots. We hope Mechamato will encourage kids to be more creative and innovative in their daily lives.”


Mechamato is exclusively available on Cartoon Network (Skycable Ch 43 SD/178 HD & Cignal Ch 74 SD/220 HD) from Saturday December 4, 2021 at 11:45 AM on weekends.

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Expect plenty more Mechamato action on screens and fan-art competitions in 2022.

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