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What’s Streaming This Week: Kim Soo-Hyun’s ‘One Ordinary Day’, QCinema Films, & More

Here are some titles you might want to add to your binge list for the week!

Looking for the latest online releases on Netflix, VIU, and other streaming services here in the Philippines? This weekly list has you covered! In our latest roundup of shows and movies going online this week of November 22 to 28, we have a dark drama starring Kim Soo-Hyun, the QCinema 2021 movies, and more!


One Ordinary Day (Series)

November 27 | Watch it here

In this new K-drama, Kim Soo-Hyun is Kim Hyun-Soo, a normal university student whose life spirals into a bottomless pit after he is accused of being a murderer. His only hope is a third rate lawyer who might not be the best, but is determined to join Kim Hyun-Soo in his fight against a cruel legal system.


QCinema International Film Festival (Films)

November 26 | Watch it here

This year, QCinema will have hybrid screenings, both in and Gateway Cineplex 10. This will include the QCShorts lineup and foreign films such as ‘Apples’, ‘My Salinger Year’, and more.



A Boy Called Christmas (Film)

November 24 | Watch it here

This Christmas flick follows a young boy named Nikolas who goes on a quest to find his father who journeys to the snowy north to discover the fabled village of the elves, Elfhelm. Alongside Nikolas are his loyal mouse friend and the reindeer Blitzen.

True Story (Series)

November 24 | Watch it here

Starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes, this new Netflix limited series follows two brothers who lives become entangled on a world of fame, crime, and lies.

Izla (Film)

November 25 | Watch it here

Starring Paolo Contis, Beauty Gonzalez, Isabelle Daza, and Elisse Joson, this Filipino horror-comedy film follows two brothers as they accompany a group of bloggers to find the mythical Forbidden Island.

Super Crooks (Series)

November 25 | Watch it here

Based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu, Super Crooks centers on a group of villains who must pull of the greatest heist in a world where superpowered beings exist. Their target? The world’s most dangerous supervillain.

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 3: The Real Untold Story of Josephine Bracken (Series)

November 26 | Watch it here

The hit indie film returns as a limited series for its third installment. The fictional Eugene Domingo is now making her directorial debut and for her first project, she decides to tell the complex story of Jose Rizal’s lover, Josephine Bracken.


Gossip Girl Season 2 (Series)

November 25 | Watch it here

The Gossip Girl reboot is back at HBO Go! It tells of the scandalous lives of teen elites as they become subject to the watchful eye of an infamous surveillance website that’s taking over social media.

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