WATCH: Live-Action ‘Batman: Wayne Family Adventures’ from Ismahawk Drops Teaser Trailer

The new webtoon is getting a live-action miniseries!

The first title from Webtoon and DC Comics‘ partnership, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, is getting a live-action miniseries from the YouTube channel Ismahawk!

Ismahawk is a production group that’s best known for making action-packed fan films and series on YouTube. This time, they were officially chosen to bring the famous DC family to life! Check out the first teaser trailer for their upcoming live-action miniseries:

The webtoon Batman: Wayne Family Adventures was released last September, featuring the famous masked vigilante and his everyday life with his family of sidekicks and heroes. It begins with Gotham’s new hero Duke Thomas arriving at the Wayne Mansion, where he gets to meet Bruce Wayne’s adopted, fostered, and biological superhero children, including Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, and more.

The cast for the series has also been revealed, which includes Jonathan Bentley as Batman, Yoshi Sudarso Oracle as Nightwing, Lisa Foiles as Barbara Gordon, Tim Neff Red Robin as Red Hood, Peter Sudarso as Red Robin, Meghan Camarena as Spoiler, Gemma Nguyen as Orphan, Carter Rockwood as Damian Wayne or Robin, Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall as Duke Thomas or Signal, and Marcus Jacob Weiss as Batman’s loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth.

The release date for the show will be revealed when the full trailer drops on October 11.


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