WATCH: The Behind-The-Scenes Of Your Favorite ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Episodes

Despite seeing 'Black Mirror' over and over again, you'd still have questions about why things were, and how they even come up with those stories in the first place. 

If you're one of those who eagerly waited for the fourth season of Black Mirror to drop, you probably should have finished watching the whole season (maybe even the whole series!) for the third time by now. And despite seeing it over and over again, you'd still have questions about why things were, and how they even come up with those stories in the first place. 

Luckily, Netflix has released a set of featurettes which will give the viewers a closer look at how their favorite episodes were made. These clips feature interviews with the Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker, producer Anabelle Jones, the directors, as well as the stars of the episodes. 


Directed by Jodie Foster, Arkangel tells the story of a mother who signs up for a program that would monitor her daughter's whereabouts. 

USS Callister


Jesse Plemons is Capt. Robert Daly in this episode of Black Mirror. Leading the spacecraft USS Callister, he recruits a new member to the team, someone who later discovers that the spacecraft is nothing like what it seems to be. 

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Hang the DJ

Black Mirror's take on the joys and woes of online dating, Hang the DJ follows a two individuals paired by a dating program which sets an expiration date in every "couple" they match. 

Black Museum

Directed by Colm McCarthy, Black Museum is an episode with three stories as told by the proprietor of the "Black Museum" to a visitor named Nish. All his stories involve technological advances that he developed, most of which involves the transfer of the human consciousness to various different items. 


Metalhead is a post-apocalyptic story centering on a group of scavengers who are trying to flee from the robotic dogs after the collapse of human society. It's also the first black and white episode in the show, and the shortest episode this season. 


Crocodile is about Mia Nolan who, feeling distressed about a secret coming out, kills and disposes the body of his friend. Things would have gone well if it wasn't for Shazia who investigates about another accident with a device called a Recaller. 

Black Mirror is still streaming on Netflix. For more information, you may also visit the show's official Facebook and Twitter pages. 


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