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IQiyi: Midnight and JIrisan

10 K-Dramas and Films To Stream on iQiyi For the Rest of 2021

There are now only three months left in 2021, but K-drama fans are still in for an amazing lineup of Korean dramas and films that will satisfy their need for kilig and thrill in their lives. And if you’re been wondering just what else to watch out for, iQiyi has released its slate of K-titles everyone should expect from the streaming site in the coming months.

From Jirisan to Melancholia, here are all the shows and films we’re excited to stream soon:

Yumi’s Cells
Now streaming

Yumi’s Cells is the story of a Yumi, from the point of view of the many brain cells in her head. She’s an ordinary office worker who’s not good at expressing her feeling. The drama follows her growth and transformation as her brain cells work to wake up her “love-cell” which has fallen into a coma following the shock of a failed relationship.

Starring in this drama are Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Yu Bi, Park Ji Hyun, Joo Jung Hyuk, and more.

Stream it here.


Now Streaming

Midnight is a Korean thriller film about a hearing-impaired sign language counselor who runs into a seriously injured woman on her way home. She proceeds to help the victim, only to end up becoming the next prey of a serial killer. Jin Ki Joo, Kim Hye Yoon, and Wi Ha Joon star in this 2021 film.

Stream it here.

October 23

Jirisan stars Gianna Jun and Ju Ji Hoon as national park rangers who must unveil the secrets hidden in the mountain together. The story is from writer Kim Eun Hee and is based on interviews with national park workers who rescue victims in the mountains even under downpours, snowstorms, landslides, and other dangerous weather conditions.

The drama also stars Oh Jung Se, Sung Dong Il, Jo Han Chul, Jun Suk Ho, Go Min Si, and more.

Stream it here.

IDOL: The Coup

IDOL: The Coup on iQiyi
Hani and Kim MIn Kyu | Photo: iQiyi

IDOL: The Coup tells the story of “doomed idols” who much achieve a single success to save themselves from disbandment. At the center of the story is Kim Je Na, a member of the group Cotton Candy, who cannot leave her dreams behind and decides to do whatever it takes to gain success. This upcoming drama stars Hani, Kwak Shi Yang, Kim Min Kyu, Jung Woong In, Han So Eun, EXY, and more.

Let Me Be Your Knight

Let Me Be Your Night on iQiyi
Lee Joon Young and Jung In Sun | Photo: iQiyi

Let Me Be Your Knight centers on Yoon Tae In, the lead singer and producer of an idol band called LUNA, who suffers from sleepwalking. To help him overcome his condition, the physician In Yoon Joo lives with him and the group in secret. Starring in this drama are Lee Joon Young, Jung In Sun, JR, Yoon Ji Sung, and more.

Secret Royal Inspector Joy

Royal Inspector Joy on iQiyi
Kim Hye Yoon and Ok Taecyeon | Photo: iQiyi

Secret Royal Inspector Joy is a drama set in the Joseon dynasty and stars Ok Taecyeon as a rich and young gourmet who becomes a secret royal inspector. He eventually finds himself teaming up with a passionate woman named Kim Jo Yi and helping her get divorced and have a fresh start in life. Joining Taecyeon in this drama are Kim Hye Yoon, Lee Jae Kyoon, Jung Soon Won, Lee Sang Hee, and more.


Melancholia on iQiyi
Lim Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun | Photo: iQiyi

Lim Soo Jung stars in Melancholia as Ji Yoon Soo, a high school math teacher who may look very good-natured on the outside but can also be stubborn when she makes up her mind about something. Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun plays the math genius Baek Seung Yoo, who ranked last place in high school but is actually a genius who dominated the math Olympiads, entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at age 10, and dropped out at age 12. The drama follows these two characters as they break down tradition in a beautiful but forbidden romance.

Bad and Crazy

Bad and Crazy on iQiyi
Lee Dong Wook, Han Ji Eun, Wi Ha Joon | Photo: iQiyi

Bad and Crazy is about Lee Dong Wook’s Su Yeol — a corrupt supervisor who is only after promotions and material things. Things take a turn for him when a hidden persona called “K” awakens in him and he begins to fight for justice and against police corruption. Also starring in this drama are Han Ji Eun, Wi Ha Joon, and N.

The Man’s Voice

The Man's Voice on iQiyi
Choi Tae Joon and Song JI Eun | Photo: iQiyi

In The Man’s Voice, a part-time convenience store worker suddenly hears the voices of cats after a lightning strikes. A romance full of fantasy blooms when she was asked to take care of the cat of an attractive first officer. This drama stars Song JI Eun, Choi Tae Joon, and more.

Shark: The Beginning
4th Quarter of 2021

Shark: The Beginning is an action film adapted from a webtoon. It centers on a victim of bullying who is put into a juvenile correction facility after an accident. Things change when he meets the mixed martial arts champion, who helps him confront his fears and push his limits. Kim Min Seok, Wi Ha Joon, Jung Won Chang, and more star in this film.

Which of these titles are you most excited to stream? Don’t forget to share your favorite K-drama with us by posting a review on My ClickTheCity!

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