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This 10-Foot-Tall ‘Squid Game’ Doll Watches Over Mall-Goers in Ortigas

The creepy doll has been sighted at the Robinsons Galleria Ortigas Mall!

Netflix’s new Korean thriller series, Squid Game, continues to garner attention since its release last September 17. And it didn’t come as a surprise, since the show got its viewers hooked already from the get-go with the first game, Red Light, Green Light, that’s overseen by a huge, motion-detecting doll.

As it turns out, this doll isn’t just watching over the 456 players of the game. The 10-foot doll was also sighted at the Robinsons Galleria Ortigas Mall’s East Wing entrance, monitoring jaywalkers that cross the mall’s nearby street! Check it out below:

“Better play by the rules because she’s always watching,” Netflix captions the clip of the doll. “Will you make it past the first round of Squid Game?”

The doll even turns its head while its eyes glowed red, and mall-goers who got to see the creepy doll took to social media their mini-Squid Game experience:

The doll is part of the promotion for Squid Game: Extra Life, an all-or-nothing game based on the newest K-Thriller where six personalities from the past will have a head-to-head battle for an extra life. It airs on It’s Showtime from September 23 to 25.


Squid Game is a new Netflix K-thriller where 456 people who are desperate for money are invited and gathered by masked men to play six games. Each round will be based on a children’s game, and while the final prize is 45.6 billion won, the consequence of losing is death.

Squid Game is now streaming on Netflix. Looking for more titles that are similar to Squid Game? Be sure to check out our list of shows and movies with brutal death games!

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Homestream image from Netflix.

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