WATCH: Jung Hae In in the Teaser of the Netflix K-Drama ‘D.P.’

The drama premieres on Netflix this August 27!

Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan are set to star together in the new Netflix K-drama D.P.! And months after announcing the project at the See What’s Next event last February, the streaming site has treated us with the official teaser to the series, which is set to premiere this August 27.

Watch it here:

D.P. is an acronym for “Deserter Pursuit” — a unit within the Army’s Military Police that is responsible to track down AWOL soldiers. It tells the story of a young army private named Joon Ho, who encounters the realities of confused young soldiers after becoming part of the “Deserter Pursuit” unit. As he does so, he begins to learn the troubles that young people face.

The drama comes from Han Jun Hee (Coin Locker Girl), who directed and wrote the screenplay for the drama alongside webtoon artist Kim Bo Tong. Joining Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan in this drama are Kim Sung Kyun and Song Seok Koo.

D.P. launches globally on Netflix this August 27. Follow Netflix’s Facebook and Twitter pages for updates about this title.


Jung Hae In Leads All-Star Cast of the Netflix Original K-Drama ‘D.P.’

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TV Show Info

Action, Drama
Produced by
Han Jun-hee

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