WATCH: It's Pinoy 80s Horror Night with the Kids of 'Stranger Things'

Ask any 80s kid what gave them nightmares when they were younger, and you'd probably encounter a good chunk of them saying Regal Shocker - an anthology series of different sub-genres of horror - really had them shookt then. 

So to know just how scary that show is even today,  Netflix made the cast of Stranger Things watch a clip of what's considered to be Regal Shocker: The Movie's scariest episode: Episode 3: Aparador. The episode stars Ruffa Gutierrez as someone who moves into her new apartment with a cabinet that's haunted by a young girl. 

Just a few minutes into the clip, Finn Wolfhard was already quick to ask out just was what was happening, before actually making a valid question of "What if the monster just wants love?" And like anyone who's ever watched a horror movie, they all began screaming at the character to not open the door, and cheering when she ended up not doing it. 

In the end, we all have more questions than answer, and thankfully Gaten Matarazzo just went in and asked the most important question of all: "What is the plot?!" 

Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix. 

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