WATCH: The Trailer to Netflix Documentary 'The Great Hack'

A new documentary entitled is coming to Netflix this July 24, and this time, it will be taking viewers deep into the world of data exploitation. 

Check out the trailer to The Great Hack below: 

First premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, The Great Hack uncovers the world of data exploitation through the stories of the employees of Cambridge Analytica, the firm behind the Facebook data scandal. There, they explain how users' personal data is vulnerable and exploitable, forcing the people to ask where the information they get is from, and what kind of data they give up when they tap on their phones and keyboards. 

The documentary is directed by Academy Award nominees Amer and Noujaim (The Square, Control Room,, and produced by Karim Amer, Geralyn Dreyfous, Judy Korin, and Pedro Kos. 

The Great Hack launches on Netflix this July 24. 

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