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Wish We Were Here: 8 Filipinos Share Where They Would Rather Be Right Now

In this special Wish We Were Here series, we ask Filipinos where they would rather be right now.

We’re halfway through 2021 and summer is almost over. For most of us, we’ve been stuck in the city and have been just working from home — in the middle of meetings, deadlines, and just busy being adults. Many of the people I know have already been vaccinated but we are far from having normalcy back in our lives, and that includes traveling.

We don’t blame you if you constantly daydream about sandy beaches, cooler weather, new cuisines, and your next great vacation. We totally are too! While we are not able to travel like we used to right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t plan where to go when travel restrictions are fully lifted. In this special Wish We Were Here series, we ask Filipinos where they would rather be right now and maybe it will inspire you for your next travel destination!

Photo by Jason Zhao on Unsplash

“I would rather be in Giraffe Manor, Kenya now with my husband for our long-overdue honeymoon. It’s the destination we’ve been looking forward to exploring together after our wedding.”

Vern Enciso, Lifestyle Blogger

“While I can’t complain about being safe at home with my family bubble, travel used to be a big event of my year I was supposed to go to Seoul in 2020, and it’s even higher up on my destination list now after a year of watching K-dramas.”

Noelle De Guzman, Sports Blogger/Triathlete

“There are some days I wish I were traveling abroad and discovering new cultures, anywhere in the world that’s new, refreshing, peaceful, and exciting would be nice. Maybe a nature trip would be nice too. I also miss attending concerts and musicals and just getting lost in the good vibes and energy. But some days, I really value the safety and comfort of my home too. Now that we’re renovating the rest of our home, I also wish the process would speed up. Excited to work and live in a more refreshed space.”


Janeena Chan, Lifestyle Blogger/Host

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

“Italy — always the best summer destination. Enjoy the picturesque beaches of Portofino, or simply walk barefoot under the Tuscan sun. Unlimited Gelatos on a warm afternoon; and finish the day with pizza, pasta, and a lot of good wine! It’s wise to choose a destination that feeds the soul and satisfies your craving.”

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RV Manabat, Chef

“I always find myself missing the beach so that’s really where I want to be right now – Would love to go back to Maldives or Amanpulo. I honestly just want to take in the view, the sound of the waves, and feel the sand on my hands and toes. The beach never fails to make me feel at peace so I am definitely craving for and missing it right now.”

Lissa Kahayon, Lifestyle Blogger

“I wish I were in El Nido, Palawan. Riding a motorcycle across town to Nakpan beach, watching the sunset and waves, while sipping on some rum coco.”

Gino M. Santos, Film Director

Photo by Eibner Saliba on Unsplash

“I would rather be in Hawaii which is where we would usually be this time of the year. I’d be sipping on an ice-cold beer while grilling some meats with friends and family.”

Ida Paras, Fitness Trainer

“I would rather be in my hometown Pola Oriental Mindoro since I love being close to the ocean, eating good foo,d and the simple lifestyle over there. Being stuck in the metro for almost 2 years makes me miss the provincial vibe.”

Jana Francisco, Photographer

Homestream image from Cris Tagupa on Unsplash

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