IN PHOTOS: Dormitos, The First Premier Japanese-Style Capsule Dormitel in PH

We got a closer look at the futuristic capsules and the other facilities of Dormitos in Cubao!

Early this year, a certain dormitel in Cubao caught the crowd’s attention. Its name is Dormitos,  the country’s first Japanese-style capsule dormitel. With just one look at its amenities, you’ll understand why this unique lodging in the city had become a quick hit within its first few months of service.

Promising privacy, security, and accessibility for a reasonable price, Dormitos caters to the different needs of individuals caught up in the city. Be it to beat everyday Manila traffic, to have a place for a short stay, or to just experience awesome amenities, Dormitos is the place!

Capsule hotels first boomed in Japan, targeting individuals seeking a single night’s stay with cheap prices. Now, this unique kind of lodging can be found in different parts of the world, and here in the Philippines, Dormitos takes pride with its capsules’ design that will literally save you a trip to Japan if you want to try sleeping in one!

Strategically located within the business area of Cubao, the dormitel is just a few minutes ride away from landmarks such as Ali Mall, Araneta Center, and the city's transport center.

The seven-storey building of Dormitos allots two floors for its dormitories, housing a total of 100 identical pods. Forty pods are alloted for the male area located on the third floor, while sixty pods are in the female area on the fifth floor. Even though each pod has enough space for two, Dormitos keeps a one-occupant-per-pod ratio to keep the place as quiet as possible.


Upon check-in, you will be given two keys and two keycards along with your bath necessities. To access your area (male or female), you will be needing one of the keycards. The same keycard shall also be used to use the elevator, but it will be limited to the floor of your gender.

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Upon entering your area, you will be greeted by a quiet space with the rows of white stylish pods each labeled with a room number. The area is a quiet zone, since pods are not soundproofed, and food and drinks are also prohibited to keep the place clean for all guests.

Your other keycard, grants you access to your pod. Just like in other hotels, you just need to tap the card over the indicator beside your pod’s door and it will unlock from the inside. You will then have to put the card on the keycard slot found at the pod’s control station to have the lights and electricity working.

Contrary to common expectations, each pod actually provides a sizeable room space of 8ft. by 3.5ft. Even at a full sitting position, there is still a huge head space to move about. The bed is soft and comfy, and for guests availing a long-term stay, the beddings are changed and the pod is cleaned up every two weeks for free.

Once the interior of your pod lights up, that’s when you’ll really get the unique Dormitos experience. It’s like spending your night in a science fiction adventure… while enjoying the comfort of a full-fledged hotel. Three kinds of lights will breathe life into your room, the white reading lights, the blue ceiling lights, and the ambient lights which has customizable colors.

These lights, as well as the mini-fans inside your pods, are all controlled by the buttons just below your mirror. There is also a USB charging port, to fill up your phone’s battery after a series of selfies (no one can help it), and of course, you can connect to their Wifi to post your pics on Instagram! If you need an electric outlet, you will have to request it beforehand since there are no outlets inside the pod. Instead, a number of pods have electric outlets right outside its doors.

There is also a small safe just below the controllers that can be opened with one of the keys that you have been provided with. It is meant for the safekeeping of small valuables like wristwatches, accessories, wallets, and the like.

From the inside, next to your door is a detachable mini laptop table, so you could also work comfortably even when inside your pod. Since smoking is prohibited, each pod is also equipped with a smoke detector inside.

To further ensure the safety of guests, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, and CCTV cameras are all around the pod area. The pods are also made with fireproof materials, and there are no worries of getting trapped since the door can be opened manually from the inside just by pushing on the stopper by the door.

Guests are also provided with lockers for their perusal. As for the common toilet and bath, there are five hot & cold showers and five toilet cubicles that are kept clean and shiny by the staff.

On the second floor of the building is the laundry shop Mr. Laba-Luvah which offers budget-friendly rates for members and guests of Dormitos, with prices starting from P60 per wash load. A spa, bakery, and computer shop are also opening soon on the same floor to further the convenience that Dormitos can provide.

The dormitel lobby is also a lounge area for guests, and is open for visitors from 7AM to 11PM. You can work there or just while away the time seated on their huge homely couch. The lobby is also connected to the pantry and a smoking area outside on the floor’s veranda.

Dormitos' check-in time is at 2PM and check out is on or before 11AM. They offer a cut price of P800 for a night’s stay, and P8,000 for a whole month’s stay. For guests who are looking for a long-term home in the city, they also offer the 12+1 Promo, where you can get your 13th month stay for free if you stay at the dormitel for a whole year.

Dormitos is definitely a unique stay-place in the city, catering to both short and long-term lodging needs, while offering a spectacular experience especially to people who highly appreciate sci-fi and modern aesthetics.

For more information, you can check out the Dormitos website, or call them through the number 729-4950. You can also visit their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Dormitos is located at 3/F Dormitos Bldg. 115 Harvard Street, Cubao, Quezon City.

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