8 Fun Indoor Activities Your Friends Will Enjoy in Metro Manila

In the grand scheme of adulthood, these activity spots around Manila can revive that youthful sense of fun for you and your barkada.

After seemingly endless rough days at work or research-infested school days at college, you and your friends may sometimes resign to just a simple lunch or dinner out to catch up and take a breather. However, the right mix of good company and challenging fun might just be the fixer-upper needed to get your energy back on track. 

Scattered all around the city are a bunch of fun, indoor activities you and your barkada can do when that childish, youthful energy starts to resurface. Once the usual sit-down meals are done and you get up off your seats, you’re sure to make the most out of your leisure time with these fun activities. 

1. Superbowl Club
Address: 3rd Level Makati Cinema Square, Pasong Tamo, Makati City

Image: Pantay Sports, Superbowl Club

What better way to enjoy a round of friendly competition with your barkada than playing some bowling and billiards? Whether you’re a good or bad player, it’s always a fun experience anticipating whether or not the ball will hit a strike or fall to the gutter. When you’re done taking turns with bowling, get your mind’s gears working by figuring out the best angle for the balls to fall in billiards. All’s fair and fun when you’ve got the right company to challenge each other. Plus, when the fun’s done in Superbowl, put a cap on your hangout by having dinner at Little Tokyo just a block away.

2. RMZ Billiards Taft
Address: 3rd Floor, Reyes Building, 861 Estrada St., Malate, Manila

Image: RMZ Billiards Taft

Found in the midst of the busy avenue of Taft, RMZ Billiard is surrounded by the very signature places of the grit and grind of the city, from being a few blocks away from De La Salle University and  LRT Vito Cruz. This place is best for students in Manila to take a break from all the tiresome academic work, and instead, place their focus on a game of billiards with friends just for a few hours. Inside is also a karinderya in case you get hungry or want to plan some game strategy with your team. With its wide and open windows, it overlooks the city, giving you just the right reminder that this activity is just a getaway for some quick fun in the city.

3. Left Behind Escape Room
Address: 3F Vertis North Mall, Quezon City, Metro Manila, 2F Maquee Park, Angeles City, Pampanga, and 3F (Level 2), Ayala Malls Circuit, Makati City, Metro Manila

Image: Left Behind

In a span of 45 minutes, your barkada can already experience an all-out adventure and mystery. Left Behind is an escape room that challenges your problem-solving skills under the pressure of time. Designed after old cinemas and patterned on horror-mystery video games, the escape rooms are sure to make everyone feel excited, scared, and laser-focused. With a variety of rooms and their games to choose from, the barkada can keep coming back for more until they’ve solved each one. As with every activity, the more, the merrier, and with these escape rooms, it’s also more affordable as you can split the price among the group. Once the time’s up, you’re sure to have a long, funny conversation right after.

4. LazerXtreme
Address: 4th Level, Market! Market! Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Image: LaserXtreme

If you’re ready to splurge for a fun, all-out physical activity with your friends, a game of laser tag is great to make you feel like a child again. Chase each other around and get the highest score, or if you’re a bigger group, form teams that can battle against each other. Make the most out of its gaming arena, and run around its ramps, passages, and even secret chambers. Other than the physical energy boost, the venue is also a great visual stimulus with its bright, neon lights and beams in motion. On top of that, it’s great for pretending you’re in your favorite sci-fi movie.

5. Auberst Console Gaming Hub, Malate, Manila
Address:  2nd Floor, D' Student's Place, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

Image: Auberst Console Gaming Hub

Maybe you’re a little too tired for some physical activity, – no worries! We can always go back to the familiar, trusted set of game controllers. Gather your gamer friends (or the ones who have absolutely no idea how to play) together, and visit Auberst for a game of Tekken, 2K, Street Fighter, and many more. The venue is a small, dimly-lit room with couches set close to the monitor, perfect for the group to engage in an intense round of e-games. There are also some PCs for those who are up for some solo games. To add some spice to the game, place a bet that whoever loses treats the group out for the next meal.

6. Versus Barcade
Address: Uptown Parade, 9th Ave, Bonifacio Global City, 1630 Taguig

Image: Versus Barcade

Get a blast from the past from this bar’s collection of old-school arcade games. Versus Barcade is a treasure of a bar for the barkada, especially because it’s got enough space for you to dance around tables once you’ve got that alcohol buzz going on, and along with that are a bunch of games waiting to be played for free. There’s pinball, Pacman, Tekken, Speed Racer, Mario Kart, and way more to keep you playing for hours. When you’re hungry from all the competition going on, sit down and enjoy their Filipino food inspired by popular games.

7. The Music Bar KTV 
Address: 6th Level, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila 1588 Pedro Gil St. cor M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Image: ClickTheCity

Of course, Filipinos can always get by a tiring day, and press pause on all of life’s pressures once they’re singing their hearts out. There are a number of KTV spots in the Metro, but we recommend Music Platinum Family KTV for its comfortable and private atmosphere, a wide range of songs, and an amazing sound system. For P600 rate per hour, you can sing all your worries and frustrations out, combined with drinks, food, and the company of your friends.

8. Snacks and Ladders
Address: 188A Maginhawa Street, 1101 Quezon City

Image: Snacks and Ladders

Up for some light-hearted, wholesome fun with the barkada? Snacks and Ladders is a cafe that houses something different for each one to enjoy. With its spacious establishment of two floors, you’ll feel right at home. Lounge on some bean bags on the floor, and choose just about any game from their wide selection for you and your friends to enjoy and get the gears of your mind going. Other than that, there’s a foosball table, miniature billiards, life-size chess, and surprisingly, a karaoke bar disguised as Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs! Added to this, munch on desserts and the unique fusion of Filipino-American cuisine to keep you full and happy while you play.

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