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12 Years of Access Travel: Celebrating Female Leadership and Tourism Excellence 

For 12 years, Access Travel has tailored bespoke travel itineraries for those who want to see the best of the world.

The world might have taken a pause, but the wanderlust of many remains unquenchable. As the desire for overseas journeys amplifies, a striking 70% of Filipinos are eagerly packing their suitcases, as highlighted by a recent study by GrabAds. With this trend, Access Travel emerges as the premier choice for luxury expeditions. This female-led company celebrates its 12th year anniversary, a journey of innovation, global explorations, and a nurturing work environment. 

An unforgettable Iceland expedition of Access Travel with clients, sparked by a mesmerizing Aurora sighting. This remarkable destination offers breathtaking views and a multitude of unique experiences, from chasing northern lights to exploring glacial lakes and waterfalls.
Climbing Rainbow Mountain in Peru for the second time, just to be with our clients, is a testament to pushing Access Travel’s limits. Angely Dub explores the vibrant Montaña de Colores, where nature’s artistry has blended hues of gold, lavender, red, and turquoise into the towering canvas of the sky.

Access Travel has carved out a significant place in the Philippine travel industry, delighting Filipino travelers with bespoke experiences across all seven continents. As the founder and inspirational force behind the company, Angely Dub embodies the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship, leading her team to new heights each year.

Angely Dub, founder of Access Travel, conquered Antarctica before the age of 30. Her visionary spirit led to the creation of Access Travel, a company passionately committed to inspiring Filipinos to explore the world, one exceptional journey at a time.

“At Access Travel, we are a team that grows, learns, and explores the world together. And our mission is to bring these unique travel experiences to Filipino travelers. We know what we’re talking about because we’ve experienced it firsthand.” says Angely Dub, a leader celebrated for her visionary approach and commitment to her team’s well-being. “As we step into our 13th year, we renew our promise to deliver not just travel, but experiences that are a class apart, meticulously crafted to satisfy the wanderlust of the Filipino community.”

Angely enjoyed a quick trip to one of the world’s most important archaeological sites, Petra Jordan.

12 Years: The Highlights of Access Travel’s Journey:

1. Global Expeditions Spanning Seven Continents: In 12 years, Access Travel has ventured where few have gone before, offering unique expeditions that span the globe, connecting Filipino adventurers with the wonders of destinations from Iceland to Mongolia.   


2. Expertise that Speaks Volumes: The skilled and fully remote team at Access Travel brings a wealth of knowledge to their clientele, showcasing must-see destinations and hidden gems in places like Iceland, Finland, South America, Bhutan, Tanzania, Central Asia, and Mongolia.

Exploring the Sahara Desert with clients, Angely enjoyed the beautiful morning, reminding her why she loves her work.

3. Personalized Luxury Travel with Celebrity Clients to Prove It: Synonymous with luxury and personalization, Access Travel has caught the attention of celebrity clientele, including Julia Baretto, Jodi Sta Maria, Dimples Romana Toni Gonzaga-Soriano, Dingdong Dantes, and Nadine Lustre.

4. A Commitment to Sustainability and Community Engagement: Through carefully selecting locally-owned business partners, Access Travel promotes sustainable tourism, contributing positively to community growth and environmental preservation.

5. Empowering Female Leadership and Employee Well-being: At its helm, a dynamic female leader ensures an encouraging and nurturing work environment where employees flourish and contribute to the company’s innovative vision.

For Angely Dub, her TED Talk during her master’s program at IE University was a career highlight. As she stood on stage, she reminisced about the challenges she, as the founder of Access Travel, had encountered and triumphed over along the way.

Access Travel’s 12-year journey is more than just a milestone; it’s a testament to dedication, passion, and an unwavering promise to its patrons. Angely adds, “As the curtains rise on our 13th year, we don’t just look back with pride but ahead with a renewed promise. Our commitment remains firm: crafting journeys that aren’t mere trips, but experiences etched in memories, tailored especially for the Filipino spirit of adventure.”

In the dynamic landscape of travel, Access Travel pledges to remain the beacon for Filipino travelers, illuminating pathways to new experiences, cultures, and stories waiting to be unearthed.

Celebrating this milestone, Access Travel unveils its newly revamped e-commerce platform,, a one-stop solution for adventurers to plan and pay for their dream journeys online with end-to-end services and 24/7 customer experience no matter where you wish to travel.

To uncover more about Access Travel’s offerings and initiatives, please visit

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