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5 Beach Alternatives If You’re Skipping the Sea This Summer

If you can’t spend the summer too far from home, here are alternative ways to make the most of the sunny season!

Boracay, Palawan, La Union– The beach is what comes to mind whenever summer comes. We get it, the splashing waves and the sand on your feet have become a staple in beating the summer heat, especially in a tropical country like the Philippines.

But sometimes the budget and circumstances may prompt you to skip the sea, and you’re left wondering, how can I make the most of this summer without an out-of-town trip? Fret not, because there are more ways to enjoy this season without breaking a sweat, and without breaking the bank!

So if you’re wondering what to do in the summer here in the Philippines, we got you covered with this list of alternatives to hitting the beach. And here’s a pro tip: all you need to do is visit any SM Supermalls to do lots of fun things this summer!

Build a beach with inflatable pools!

An enjoyable summer on a budget can start at home! If the uncertainties of the beach floor or the swamped pools of public resorts aren’t your thing, then you can make a splash in your own backyard instead with the help of inflatable pools!

Imagine lounging on a float in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your family and the warm sun on your skin. You can even complete your mini oasis with a beach ball, summer chairs, and umbrellas. And the best thing is, you can set it up anytime, any day in the summer!


Inflatable pools are definitely fun, convenient, and budget-friendly! You can make it even more affordable by scoring awesome discounts on kiddie and family pools and floaters from Toy Kingdom and The SM Store!

Play at an amusement park or arcade!

Another cool way to hang out with friends and family this summer is by heading to an arcade near you where you can enjoy a variety of games under the cool blast of the AC! From shooting hoops to shooting zombies to grabbing cute plushies inside the claw machine, the arcade is definitely a place to chill and bond over the summer! Why don”t you bring your little siblings or cousins to Tom’s World for a day of fun?

If you seek more exhilarating thrills, then you can also visit an amusement park such as SM by The Bay in Manila, which combines rides like the Dream Twister and Drop Tower with good food, exciting activities, and a stunning seaside view of Manila Bay. Of course, it is also home to the MOA Eye, the biggest and tallest Ferris wheel in the country!

Catch the biggest movies in cinemas!

It ain’t just the much-awaited vacation that makes summer exciting, as the hot days also herald some of the much-awaited movies of the summer blockbuster season!

Photo: SM Supermalls website

You may have missed the beach, but the cinemas can take you to all kinds of getaways! Visit the vibrant world of The Super Mario Bros. Movie; explore the vast universe in The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3; discover the reimagined dystopian Earth in Voltes V: Legacy; and see the various entries of the first-ever Metro Manila Summer Film Festival!

Whether it’s an edge-of-your-seat action flick or a fun and heartwarming journey on the big screen, heading over to SM Cinemas this summer will surely immerse you in so many compelling stories, and all you have to do is sit back, chill, and enjoy a pack of popcorn over some top-notch entertainment!

Have a food crawl of cool treats!

The summer is always the best time to indulge ourselves in all kinds of iced and frozen treats, making it an ideal non-beach activity especially when you’re a foodie. So grab your family or besties and hit the mall for a food crawl of these cool and refreshing treats!

You can always go for the classic ice cream or enjoy a burst of flavors with a cup of halo-halo. If you’re cutting down on calories, you can go get some froyo or gelato, with varieties of toppings and mix-ins that you can typically choose from. Of course, there is always more to discover when it comes to these frozen snacks, and there’s no better time to try them than this summer!

Don’t forget to score some epic discounts on your food crawl by checking out SM Deals’ Summer Bundles and Coolers lineup!

Take a stroll at the mall & score aweSM Deals!

So you’re at home, your fingers hovering over your phone wondering how you can make this loop of scrolling and sweating stop. The solution is pretty obvious: gather the gang and head to your nearest SM Supermalls! Enjoy the refreshing mall breeze while going on all sorts of summer adventures minus the scorching sun on your skin!

Because it’s #SummerTimeAtSM, you can shop for your summer OOTDs, capture special moments with colorful mall displays, revel in some self-care sesh that you deserve, and do so much more all in one place!

With SM Deals’ #HappySummerDeals, you can even enjoy your day at the mall with aweSM Deals on all of your summer necessities! You can score low prices on inflatables and floaters, summer wear, your skin protection needs, sunglasses, food, and more! Check out these amazing offers on the SM Deals website or follow them on Facebook to be updated on the latest promos.

So if you want to beat the heat on a budget, and at the same time have an epic time with your friends and family, then make SM Supermalls your next summer destination!

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