David Blaine Ascension

David Blaine Floats Thousands of Feet by Hanging Onto Balloons

It’s ‘Up’ in real life!

Famed illusionist and endurance artist David Blaine pulls off yet another death-defying stunt by floating thousands of feet over the Arizona desert just by hanging onto helium balloons.

In his “Ascension” stunt, Blaine lifted off by holding onto 52 helium balloons, reaching 24,900 feet before he parachuted to the ground. The stunt began at 8AM PT, and ended an hour later. Check out the video below:

“David Blaine redefines magic once again for an unprecedented live event at a time when the world could use a positive distraction,” says the caption of the video. “Bringing wonder, hope and untethered possibility, David tackles his most ambitious and revolutionary feat yet.”

This stunt video joins the lineup of YouTube Original Live Events, quickly making a record as the most-watched video under the category, reports Deadline. With 770,000 peak concurrent viewers, it bested the live events Dear Class of 2020, The Creator Games Presented by MrBeast, Will Smith: The Jump and Taylor Swift: Lover’s Lounge (Live).

The production has also made clear that everything was filmed in strict accordance with COVID protocols and safety guidelines.

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