Hashtag #ManilaEncounters on Twitter Will Give You the Creeps

Folklores, legends, and ghost stories meet the city at #ManilaEncounters!

Filipinos' fancy stories and witticisms seem unceasing on social media.

The hashtag #ManilaEncounters has been making rounds on Twitter with people putting a modern twist on the local folklore, superstitions, and ghost stories all set in urban Manila. But while each one of these short stories are made to give chills to its reader, some of the Netizens are still quick to incorporate humor to the trend.

Here are some of creepy and funny #ManilaEncounters stories that we've spotted on Twitter which we recommend you read at night for that added thrill.

This one is about the fountain of youth in front of the Manila Central Post Office.

This tweet tells a University of Sto. Tomas ghost story.


Another school scary story.

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The Filipino mode of transport is also an icon for local chillers.

This one refers to the Boy Scout Circle and Monument along Tomas Morato and Timog Avenues.

Even the iconic fast food chain mascot got its own #ManilaEncounters story.

Who knows if the spirits of historical figures aren't still roaming the land of the living?

Pagpag is a local superstition where one should not go straight home after attending a wake or funeral. It is done to shake off the spirits and bad energy that might follow you home.

Pureza Street at Sta. Mesa, Manila may be brimming with life during the day but how about when it's enveloped in silence and darkness?

Recto Avenue in Metro Manila has all kinds of market. This tweet takes that and begs the question of where the local superheroes could have gone to.

The dwarf-like nature spirit nuno might have found their new home in your drainage.

If this is true, we hope they're not having technical problems.

These are just some of the stories invading the local Twitterverse right now. Our rich culture combined with the modern day tales told by the ever-creative Filipinos, and you get #ManilaEncounters.

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