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The Philippines’ First World Cat Show this June 14-15 and many meow-rrrr to come by World Cat Federation (SFEPI) co-presented by Hard Rock Cafe Manila

"Prepare for purrfection as the Philippines hosts its inaugural World Cat Show on June 14-15! Presented by the prestigious World Cat Federation and co-hosted by Hard Rock Cafe Manila, this feline extravaganza promises a showcase of the finest pedigrees and most adorable companions. Join us for a weekend filled with whiskers, wonder, and the beginning of many 'meow-rrrr' to come!"

Cat Moms and Dads are in for a flurry of fun feline activities as the Society of Feline Enthusiasts of the Philippines, Inc. (SFEPI) and the World Cat Federation (WCF) present The Philippines’ First World Cat Show on June 14 to 15 (2-day event) at the 5th Floor of One Ayala Mall. This event is free to the public and is co-presented by Hard Rock Cafe Manila.

The WCF World Cat Show is a prestigious competition that celebrates the ‘best’ and most beautiful cats from various breeds, representing the pinnacle of feline breeding and care. They will be judged on their physical attributes, grooming, and overall presence. With sleek coats, striking eyes, and elegant postures, these cats are a testament to the dedication and passion of their owners and breeders.

This landmark of an event is set to gather cat enthusiasts from around the globe to witness a spectacular showcase of feline beauty, talent, and excellence and is expected to attract around 150 to 200 cats from over 15 countries, showcasing a diverse array of feline breeds and fostering international camaraderie among cat enthusiasts. This global representation underscores the event’s prestige and the Philippines’ growing prominence in the international cat community.

During the event, the cats will participate in a series of competitions within the WCF Ring, where they will be judged on various criteria including beauty, temperament, and adherence to breed standards. The WCF Ring is a specialized judging area where the most outstanding cats compete for top honors. These competitions not only highlight the physical beauty of the cats but also showcase their unique talents and behaviors, making for an engaging and entertaining spectacle.

Key features of the event are the “Best of Best” (top cat in each category) and “Best General” (overall champion) awards.  These coveted titles represent the highest accolades a cat can receive in the competition, signifying their exemplary qualities and superior standards.


Winners will receive trophies, certificate titles, cat supplies from generous donors and brand sponsors, and special prizes for various categories such as Best Kitten, Best Junior, Best Adult, and Best Neuter Category. These awards not only honor the cats but also recognize the hard work and dedication of their owners and breeders.

Hard Rock Cafe Manila- a staunch supporter and advocate

The event is co-presented by Hard Rock Cafe Manila, which was also a sponsor for the Cebu leg of International Cat Show held in Mandaue City. Hard Rock Cafe is a strong advocate for the welfare of stray animals in the country. Its dynamic partnership with SFEPI has a “purr-pose” as a portion of event proceeds are donated to the animals under the care of Island Rescue Organization (IRO) in Mandaue City, which is committed to re-homing animals into loving families and to finding innovative ways to promote long-term solutions to lessen the population of stray dogs and cats.  Recently, Hard Rock Cafe Manila and Hard Rock Cafe Makati also donated P40,000 to IRO in line with the cafe’s Hearts and Tails Campaign. 

Hard Rock Cafe Philippines Director of Operations Mr. Brian Peck says, “We are very supportive of organizations that keep these animals safe and protected. This is one of our programs under our company values that are incorporated into our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Social purpose is at the core of Hard Rock Cafe’s values that are guided by the four founding mottos: Love All Serve All, All Is One, Save The Planet and Take Time To Be Kind. We hope to see more cat lovers come together at the WCF World Show event.”

For more information about the World Cat Federation World Show Event on June 14 to 15, 2024, visit WCF by SFEPI on Facebook.

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