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Discover the Beauty of Handwriting at the Manila Pen Show: Meet 6 People with Seriously Swoon-Worthy Handwriting

Catch them at the Manila Pen Show on March 18-19 at the Holiday Inn and Suites, Makati

Everyone’s most formative memories have to do with learning to write in script. The satisfaction of looking at your immaculate, handwritten notes is something everyone can relate to even today, in the advent of technology that has taken us away from the simple act of writing with pen and paper.

Even if you can’t write that well, the sight of other people’s neatly spaced writing can still take your breath away. Here are some people whose handwriting can inspire you to pick up the pen and practice your way into becoming the scribe of your dreams.

Leigh Reyes

Other than being an award-winning advertising creative, Leigh Reyes is an avid pen collector. The thrill of acquisition does fade, and in its place the joy of discovering newness in what one already owns glows more brightly,” she writes on her website (https://leighreyes.com). 

On Instagram (@leighpod) you can find evidence of her handwriting prowess, where she posts photos of handwritten notes, and gamely answers questions about all things pens and writing. 


At the Manila Pen Show, she will give a workshop on 2:00 PM, March 18, titled “Mad Scientist,” and will moderate March 19’s 3:45 PM panel featuring fountain pen collectors.

Imma Frias

Imma Frias started her calligrapher journey in 2013, and since 2014 has been an instructor at calligraphy, and penmanship from 2016. “Calligraphy is something that is therapeutic… once you get the hang of it, it’s actually soothing,” she told The Lasallian a few years back.

Take a look at her Instagram (@dyosaimma) to see her deeply satisfying works of handwritten art. At the Manila Pen Show on March 18, she will lead a Handwriting Hangout at 10:30 AM, and at 2:15 PM on March 19, host Modern Calligraphy with Flex Pens. 

Lorraine Castaneda

On Lorraine Castaneda’s Instagram (@calligraphyspot), she calls herself a “Purveyor of calligraphy appreciation, teacher of beautiful writing, and a stay-at-home time traveler.” All those things are true: her beautiful handwriting would not look any different from a passionate love letter written in the 1800s.

On March 18, 3:00 PM Castaneda will be heading a talk on Fountain Pens for Kids of All Ages, proving it is never too early to start enjoying the art of handwriting.

Clement Dionglay

If you thought fountain pens could only be used by those who write in elaborate script, you haven’t seen Clement Dionglay’s Instagram (@clemdionglay). Here, she shows neatly written words in print, along with an impressive collection of pens. 

Pao Alfonso

Another enthusiast who likes to write in print, Pao Alfonso’s Instagram account (@the.serial.doodler) showcases her thoughts on the world of pens. “Nib preferences really do change over time. I started out preferring fine nibs, then fell in love with medium and stub nibs. Now I’ve come full circle and prefer fine nibs again.”

Pao’s drawings, accompanied by her writing, work as mini food reviews of places she’s enjoyed. 

Toni Santos

Toni Santos’ feed (@toniscalligraphy) features her calligraphy, with thoughtful handwritten quotes and song lyrics that offer inspiration and occasionally humor. Other than being a pen collector, she also collects notebooks. 

On March 19, she will be heading a talk about Fountain Pens for Kids 7-12.

The Manila Pen Show takes place on March 18 to 19 from 8:00AM to 6:00PM at the 5th floor of Holiday Inn and Suites in Makati. A portion of the proceeds will go to Save the Children Philippines and their Life-Changer for Children program. For a full list of exhibitors and speakers, schedules, and general updates, please check @manilapenshow and #manilapenshow2023.

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