GUIDE: How Filipinos Can Help and Where to Donate During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting and will be affecting more and more people in the coming days.

If you're one of the few privileged who are looking to find more ways to battle the virus from the comforts of your homes, here are a few organizations where you can donate to support not just our front liners but those who are less fortunate as well.


What to donate: 

- Ready-to-consume products, personal protective equipment, and alcohol, soap, and hand sanitizers

How to donate: Fill up form via and Angkas will pick the items up

Caritas Manila, Inc.

What to donate:

- Caritas Ligtas COVID Kit (Preventive Kit)
- Caritas MANNA Food Bag

How to donate: Purchase via


What to donate:

- Funds to help Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF), the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), World Vision, UP Medical Foundation, PGH Foundation, Inc., ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, and Ayala Foundation. 

How to donate: Users open the GCash app > tap on the "Pay Bills" > "Others" > "FightCOVID19" > Enter Name and Amount

Lung Center of the Philippines

What to donate: 

- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits

How to donate: Contact Lung Center of the Philippines Trunkline via 89246101

Office of the Vice President

What to donate: 

- Personal Protective Equipment (n95 mask, surgical mask, face shield, surgical gowns), 70% Ethyl Alcohol

How to donate: Visit

Philippine General Hospital

What to donate:

- Personal Protective Equipment

How to donate: Contact Dr. Mia Tabuñar via (02) 8554 8400 loc 2004 or 0919-350-6917

Philippine Heart Center

What to donate:

- Goggles, masks, gowns, gloves, shoe covers, face shield, alcohol, vitamin C, tissue paper

How to donate: Contact Anna Dy via 0289252401 loc 3299 or 09175003221
Drop-off: Incident Command Post at Philippine Heart Center

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)

What to donate: 

- Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Medical Workers
- Food packs

How to donate: Contact Dr. Kaye Hernandez de Guzman via 09175990818

Rock Ed Philippines

What to donate:

- Funds to provide food packs to front-liners

How to donate: Deposit via Bank of the Philippine Islands (3080-0073-44)
Rock Ed Philippines

UP Medicine College of Public Health Student Council

What to donate:

- Donations in cash or in-kind: alcohol, soap, splash shield face masks, fluid repellant shoe covers, N95 masks, surgical masks, disposable gowns, sterile gloves

How to donate: Contact Mita Santiago via 09175159322

UNICEF Philippines

What to donate: Funds for children and families in the Philippines

How to donate: Visit

World Vision in the Philippines

What to donate:

- Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Medical Workers
- Basic Health Facility Disinfectant Kit to health facilities

How to donate: Contact 09176250865

Youth for Human Rights and Democracy

What to donate:

- Funds to purchase Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Medical Workers

How to donate: Transfer any amount to Robert Robles via GCash or Paymaya at 09066183162

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