Where to go: 10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments in Metro Manila

Have you ever wondered where the night owls prowl after dark and into the wee hours of the morning? Or if you’re a creature of the night yourself – looking for a place to call your own beyond the normal hours when you’re wide awake way past everyone else’s bedtime – have you ever mused about the whereabouts that cater to your body clock’s needs? Well, worry not, because we’ve got the groundwork covered. Here, we discover some diners, cafes, speakeasies, and more spaces all over the Metro where you can converge freely.

1. Denny’s

10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro 10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro

Image: Denny's Instagram

It’s not so hard to come across 24/7 diners these days. Sometimes, you just have
to know where to look to find these gems. One such gem goes by the name of
Denny’s. The acclaimed international all-American diner has been around for
over 60 years now, so you know they’ve got some good stuff going. Since it’s
arrived in our shores, it has been known as the den to cure a night-out hangover.
But to us, it’s become much more than that. They’ve got a ton of your favorite
hearty meals and awesome brews to boot too. The best part? You don’t have to
wait until the sun rises to get ‘em!

2. Filling Station Bar And Café

10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro 10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro

Image: Filling Station Bar and Café Instagram

The Riverdale aesthetic is definitely strong with this one, and we bet your social
media feed would agree too. A trip here would tickle your affinity for nostalgia,
promise. Imagine dining with the best of the ‘50s – all the glitz and the glam of
the glorious era summed up in jaw-dropping paraphernalia and memorabilia. Not
to mention an expansive menu that caters to your comfort food needs (P.S. order
their milkshakes, they’re to die for!), and reliable wifi for inspo or research if
you’re working on that novel a la Jughead Jones.

3. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro 10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro

Image: Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Instagram

Bummed your favorite diner doesn’t serve all-day breakfast fares? Well, worry
not, because Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is here to make brekky food stay no
matter what time of day. This eatery draws inspiration from your neighborhood
carinderia but on a whole new level of cool. Here, you can find pancakes and
waffles cloaked in maple syrup, Eggs Benedict, spam meals, and traditional
silogs all for an affordable price range. Their freestyle component even allows
patrons to mix and match according to their preference. We’re so there!

4. Café Chosun


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Gone are the days when you have to be ashamed for craving some Korean BBQ
say, in the middle of the night. There’s a restaurant along the streets of Ermita
that has all the answers, and it’s called Café Chosun. You may have
remembered this from one of late Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown segments
when he paid the Philippines a visit. So go ahead, satisfy your cravings and pay
a renowned culinary legend a tribute while you’re at it.

5. Newport Mall Cinemas

Image: Newport Mall Instagram

If you’re the kind of night owl that needs his dose of cinema lovin’, we urge you to
get out of your laptop Netflix-binging for a real cinematic feel. Trust us, it’s worth
it. There’s a 24-hour movie-house perfect for those odd hours and it’s got tip top
amenities to enhance your viewing experience. From comfy plush reclining seats
that’s got a button you can press for unlimited popcorn and soda (we’re talking a
personal butler at your service), to LED lamps for when you need some light to
look for something in your bag, to USB ports for when you need to charge your
phone, to just an all-around luxurious feel, we totally get why it was included in a
prestigious list for “Most Beautiful Cinemas In the World” in 2015.

6. Anytime Fitness

Image: Anytime Fitness Instagram

Extremely busy in the day but still looking to stay fit, fab, and healthy? It’s time to
put off those excuses and do your body some good—especially if you’re of the
nocturnal kind. Hit up an Anytime Fitness near you and get active. It literally
follows its namesake. You can come in anytime of the day, any day of the week,
and they’ll have their equipment up and running for you. Whether you’re the type
to work on your cardio or you’re up for lifting some weights, a good workout is
proof that something good can indeed happen after 2 a.m.

7. Music 21 Plaza

Make like Netflix’s Retsuko by releasing your inner rage or unleash the inner
Mariah diva in you. Here is where you can sing to your heart’s content, without
worrying about waking up the neighbors. So grab onto that songbook, pick out all
your favorites, and let the wee hours of the morning envelope you completely.
You won’t notice the time passing, we promise.

8. LOFT Coworking

10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro 10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro

Image: LOFT Coworking

Co-working spaces have been all the rage lately and why wouldn’t it? It’s been of
great help to non-conventional office set-ups, freelancers, digital nomads,
startups and entrepreneurs and has developed a strong sense of community left
and right. LOFT over at Ortigas is one such coworking space that we’re loving at
the moment. All you need is their value-for-money membership which gives you
24/7 access to all their facilities. You’re sure to finish all those deadlines in no

9. Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake

10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro 10 Night-Owl Approved Establishments In The Metro

Image: Mr. Park's Bread and Cake Facebook

We’re pretty much convinced that this is the ultimate pastry paradise there is.
Imagine a flurry of cheesecakes, breads, sandwiches, cream puffs, confections,
sweets, savories, and what have you all under your arsenal. You’re guaranteed
the freshest of bakes here and this is probably why Mr. Park’s has been around
for the longest time, and why patrons have been raving about it. See for yourself,
it just might be your new favorite hangout.

10. ABV

Image: ABV Instagram

A far cry from your rowdy pub, ABV is your extra stylish speakeasy that brings you back to the glamour of the '20s' Prohibition Era. It's an upscale hangout spot for you and your equally nocturnal friends if you prefer lounging around with classy libations and an extensive absinthe selection in hand. While it's quite hidden from plain sight, spotting it is like coming across a goldmine. 


Did we miss your favorite late night hangout spots? Let us know in the comments below so we can check it out!

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