Plan Ahead: Here Are All The Planners And Journals You Need To Get Your Life Sorted For 2018

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We know, we know: 2018 is still 3 months away, but if you're one of those who need to map out their year ahead - their goals, plans, upcoming travels, and whatnot - you're probably already starting to look for your next planner before the year ends. 

That's why as early as now, we're giving you a rundown of some of the planners you could choose from, depending on your personality, plans, and yep, your budget! 

[Note: This list is regularly being updated so be sure to bookmark it so you could check back for the complete list of planner and how to get them!]

Sunnies Agenda 2018 by Sunnies Studios

Sunnies Agenda 2018

Paying tribute to the classic chick flicks of the 80s is Sunnies Agenda 2018. With its bright yellow plaid print on its matte cover, one would instantly think about Clueless' Cher or Heathers' Heather McNamara. Aside from the weekly planner, it also has everything you will need to get your life to look like it's put together - from translations of "please" and "thank you" in different languages to the types of frames for when you decide you need a new pair of specs. 

Get this planner for only P199 if you buy any Sunnies pair; however, if you feel like you're all stocked up on shades and specs, you may get the planner alone for only P599. You can purchase these planners in Sunnies' stores and online. Visit Sunnies Studios' website for more information. 


Belle de Jour Power Planner

Belle De Jour
Photo: I Love BDJ/website

Now on its 12th year, Belle De Jour continues to empower and inspire today's women through their planners, helping them balance and manage their time. Aside from the usual spaces where they could note their appointments down, they also get to work on the planner's Dream Board, Happiness List, Mood Meter, and the (ultimate) 2018 Goals and Checklist. Bellas also get to enjoy the perks of being a Bella, with a booklet of discount coupons worth P40,000 so they get to shop and dine to their heart's delight! 

Choose from BDJ's smyth-sewn (P598), leather (P680), and disc-bound planners (P780) and get them from all leading bookstores nationwide. You may also order online via Belle de Jour's website


BDJ's 2018 Navi Journal

Navi Journal
Photo: I Love BDJ/website

BDJ's Navi Journal is the perfect companion for all the explorers out there planning for the next great adventure! This year's theme is "Wilderness", encouraging people to explore the great outdoors. From pages like Backyard Excursions, Bucket Lists, Pre-Trip Checklists, and Travel Guides, this planner will surely help you plan out your future travels. As BDJ planners go, the Navi Journal will also be giving you P25,000 worth of discount coupons from partner brands! 

The Navi Journal is priced at P598 and can be purchased on all leading bookstores nationwide and online via BDJ's website for more information. 


BDJ's Everything is Possible Planner

Everything is Possible
Photo: I Love BDJ/website

Now on its 5th year, Everything is Possible planner continues to give you the positivity you need to accomplish all your goals for the year. This planner lets you visualize and set your priorities, move to get them, and acknowledge the success once it's achieved. It also features a Vision Board, Timeline of Goals, Priority List, and Positive Reinforcements to get you through hard times!  

EIP is priced at P598 and can be purchased on all leading bookstores nationwide and online via BDJ's website


Filed!'s Scribble Planner 2018 and Keepsake Planner 2018

Photo: Filed! 

Just like each year, Filed! is releasing two different planners, depending on what you do best! Their Scribble Planner 2018 (P595) is the perfect companion for the fun, the feminine, and the sassy. Inspired by, its monthly and weekly overviews, artworks, and other fun activities will help anyone be the girlboss they already are! 

The Keepsake Planner 2018 (P545), on the other hand, with its tropical vibes, is inspired by the music video to Calvin Harris' "Feels". It includes a vacation and itinerary planner, weekly overview, and tropical-themed artworks by Raxenne Maniquiz. 

These planners are available for pre-order starting October 6 (with free nickname customization!) and can be purchased online. The Agenda Sleeves and Pen Capsule Pastel Lux can be bought separately. 


Muji Monthly Weekly Planner

Photos: Muji Philippines/website

For the minimalist, Muji's Monthly Weekly Planner is your new best friend. It has everything you will need to get your life together - monthly and weekly views, gridded pages for your notes - without being too heavy to the eyes. Users also get to customize these planners however they want, what with Muji's colorful pens and other stationery materials. 

Get this planner for only P345 from Muji stores. Visit their Facebook page for more information. 


Papemelroti Pocket Planners

Photo: Papemelroti/Facebook

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like bringing their planners wherever they're go because 1. It's heavy, 2. It's bulky, you'd never go wrong with Papemelroti's Pocket Planners. It's small, has a monthly calendar, has sheets dedicated for your notes and personal information, and is 100% environment-friendly because of it's made with unbleached recycled paper! 

Get this planner for only P20 from Papemelroti stores and online. Visit their Facebook page for more information


Tita Witty's Sana Payat na Lang Ako, Payat Pa Rin, Payat Na Lang Ulit & Other Wishes Planner 2018

Tita Witty
Photo: Witty Will Save the World

Tita Witty is back at it again, and she's dedicating their 2018 planner to everyone who's ever said "Magpapapayat na ako" for this year (and the year before that...and the year before that...). It's also for those who have a lot of "Sana" in their lives - whether it's about their lovelife (or the lack thereof) or something else. In the classic Tita Witty fashion, you get to find puns, humorous questions, and made-up holidays that you'd probably relate to. Tita Witty also describes this planner could be like your best friend: "sasamahan ka sa gym o sa buffet man. Pero mostly sa buffet." 

Tita Witty's 2018 planner is priced at P520 will soon be available at Fully Booked, Linya-Linya, Quirks, Invitation House, and online via their website. Make sure to check their Facebook page to get the updates as to when it's coming out. 


Design Your Life 2018 Planner

Design Your Life 2018
Photo: C&S Designs

The perfect planner for the adventurous and the dreamer, this year's DYL Planner comes in 2 kinds of binding: one is rainbow-colored, the other is rose gold. It's an all-in-one planner, diary, and scrapbook, featuring a different theme for each month. Aside from you designing your life with this handy planner, you also get to track everything that you need to track - from your monthly expenses, the progress of all your projects, and even the number of hours you slept! 

The DYL Planner is priced at P650 for the one with the rainbow binding, and P620 for ones with the rose gold binding. Pre-order them here from October 11 to 25 and you might just get a free washi tape! 


DYL: Back to Basics 2018 Planner

DYL: Back to Basics
Photo: C&S Designs

For a planner with a simpler look, go for DYL's Back to Basics Planner. Because of its minimalist aesthetic, goal-oriented young professionals get to easily keep track on their schedules, plans, and other activities without doing away with the fun elements of a DYL Planner. The team has also added a list spread for anything and everything you want to jot down! 

DYL's Back to Basics Planner is at P630 and can be pre-ordered here from October 11 to 25. 


DYL: Limitless Planner 2018

Photo: C&S Designs

For those who wants the freedom to start with their planners on their own terms, the Limitless Planner is the one to start with. It's undated, has a vertical layout for your hourly activities, and has a minimalist aesthetic so it will be easy for you to access everything and anything you will need for the daily grind. They still have the horizontal layout, though, so if you're more into jotting down things for a day in one big space, there's definitely something for you! 

DYL's Limitless Planner is at P630 and can be pre-ordered here from October 11 to 25. 


Coffee Bean's The Giving Journals

Coffee Bean The Giving Planner
Photo: Coffee Bean Philippines/Facebook

Sticker season is back again, and one of the planners you can snag (after weeks and weeks of palpitation) is Coffee Bean's The Giving Journal. This year, their journals will come in 4 designs - green, gray, blue, and white and gold which is customizable! Availabling the planner will also let you help transform lives of the Real LIFE Foundation's scholars so not only will you get your life sorted out for 2018, you will also be able to change another person's life! 

To get the planner, you need to collect 12 stamps from any The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores nationwide.  


Starbucks Planner

Starbucks Planner
Photo: Starbucks Philippines/Facebook

Starbucks' 2018 planners, just like this year and the year before that, will come in 2 sizes: regular and mini. Whatever your preference is though, you still get a planner with a leather sleeve, a cup-shaped desk calendar, a ruler, and a Kape Vinta Card! Every redeemed planner also gets to help Starbucks Philippines' partner organizations - Teach for the Philippines and The Philippine Theater Association, so your cups of coffee go a long way! 

To redeem the planner, you only need to collect 18 stickers (9 Holiday Featured Beverages and 9 core handcrafted beverages) from November 2, 2017 to January 8, 2018. 


Which of these planners will you be getting for 2018? Let us know in the comments! 


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