Cats The Musical

‘Cats’ The Musical Will Stream Next on Youtube

You're invited to the Jellicle Ball!

Every weekend, theater fans from across the globe are given a treat through the Youtube channel The Shows Must Go On. Here is where Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most renowned theater plays stream for free.

After The Phantom of The Opera and Love Never Dies, the next to stream this weekend is the hit musical Cats.

According to What’s On Stage, it is scheduled at 7PM this Friday BST. This is at 2AM on May 16, Saturday here in the Philippines, where it will be available for 48 hours.

The iconic Cats from 1998 will be streamed, starring John Partridge, Jacob Brent, Jason Gardiner and Sir John Mills.

The musical revolves on the Jellicle Ball, where cats gather to showcase their individual special talents. At the end of it, their leader, Old Deuteronomy will then make the Jellicle Choice of who will get reborn.


WATCH: The Cast of the Manila Company of ‘Cats, The Musical’

The Shows Must Go On brings theater to fans who must stay at home during this pandemic. They are also encouraging viewers to donate to various organizations that support those in need during these trying times.

Homestream image from Cats The Musical on Twitter.

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