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‘Among Us’ Tips and Tricks for Crewmates & Impostors

Don't let them SUS you.

Among Us continues to become a PC and mobile game sensation, and if you haven’t joined in on the trend, you’re really missing out.

While the gameplay is easy to understand, additional knowledge can really help pave your way towards victory be it as a crewmate or an impostor. If you’re starting out on this game, we’re giving you some basic tips and tricks on how to crack who the impostors are, or how you can annihilate the entire crew in a jiffy!

How it works

Among Us is an online co-op game where a crew of space explorers must prepare their ship for taking off by completing tasks. However, among them are impostors who can sabotage and kill the crewmates one by one. 

The game begins by giving you a role– a crewmate or an impostor. There could be up to 10 players per game with up to three impostors. There are also three maps in the game– Mira HQ, Polus, and The Skeld.

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As a crewmate, you must do tasks while dodging suspicious players that could be impostors planning your demise. When you get killed, you can continue doing your tasks as a ghost. When the tasks gauge is filled, crewmates win. Unless of course, you weed out the impostors first.


Photo: Among Us on Play Store

As an impostor, you have the power to kill the wandering crewmates, just make sure no one catches you in the act. There is also a cooldown time for your ability to kill so couldn’t just have a murder spree.

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To aid you on your goal to kill off all crewmates before they finish all tasks, you can also close doors to corner crewmates; sabotage rooms to confuse them; and get inside vents which lead to other vents so you can plan your escape. When you’re killed off as an impostor and another impostor remains, you will also be a ghost who can still sabotage and control doors.

Photo: Among Us on Play Store

It’s not just a cat-and-mouse game. What makes this game stand out from other co-op games is the voting mechanics. Once a corpse is found and is reported by a crewmate, you will have a meeting with all the players. This is where you will discuss who the impostors are. Of course, as an impostor, you must bluff your way out from any suspicion. After the discussion, the players must vote out one player and he/she will be killed off in the game.

If someone has seen an impostor vent or witnessed a killing but couldn’t report, they can also head to the Emergency button and click on it to call a meeting. Then they could convince the other players on what they’ve seen.

Simply put, as crewmates your goal is to either finish all tasks or vote out all impostors. As an impostor, your goal is to kill all crewmates.

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Tips and tricks

Now here are some additional tips to help you out on your game. As the most played map, we’ll be focusing on The Skeld for the tips we’ll be sharing with you.

For crewmates:

  1. Team up with other players

It is a good idea to stick with other players. You can hang out with another player, or better yet two players, so you can look out for each other. This will also make you less suspicious since your comrades can vouch for you when a meeting occurs. Of course the downside with this is that you can’t do your tasks together all the time, unless you’ve really forged a team-up with them.

  1. Check the security cameras

Now, this only works at The Skeld because there are monitors at the Security Room that will let you see some parts of the map in real-time. Here you can scout if someone vents or kills, and you can head straight to the emergency button to call them out. It is also a good idea to take a look at who comes and goes at the Medbay entrance (lower left) because impostors can kill on the Electricity Room and escape through the vent towards Medbay. Of course, being stuck on the monitors will make you vulnerable to being killed off.

  1. Tail the suspected impostor

If you’re done with your tasks, then you can also tail players that you suspect are impostors. Just don’t get too close or they might just pounce on you. It may also be a nice idea if you share with the other players about your plan to tail one of the suspected players during a meeting. If they seemingly got finished with a task, check the task gauge on the top left of your screen. If it doesn’t fill up, then you’re most probably tailing an impostor.

For impostors:

  1. Be part of the crew

As an impostor, you must really blend in to avoid suspicion. Don’t just wander and stalk your prey, look busy by faking tasks or helping out whenever a room is sabotaged. You can even report dead bodies and pretend you’re innocent. Just be sure to make up a good excuse when other players start suspecting.

  1. Make use of your sabotage skills

You have the gift to sabotage so you should make the most of it (even when you’re dead!). Sabotaging rooms will yield different effects to the crewmates. For example, sabotaging the Electrical room will dim the lights and their field of vision will be limited; while sabotaging Communications will disable cameras and cut off their tasks list. The crises brought by sabotaging will also prevent other players from having an Emergency meeting so it can buy you more time to defeat them.

  1. Tactical venting

Vents can be real helpful to impostors if you know how to utilize them. When venting, be sure to dodge any witnesses and cameras that might be in the area. You may also sabotage communications to interfere with the security cameras before entering a vent and going for the kill.

Bonus tip: This will not work everytime, but if you find yourself cornered and can’t lie your way out from their votes, bring an innocent crewmate with you. Give up and tell them that you’re indeed the impostor, and pretend to spoil the game by revealing who the other impostor is. It will be wise to pick a suspicious player– someone who has not been vouched for so far– and name him/her as an impostor. If you can pull it off, it can help your impostor comrade even if just for a little.

Download Among Us on the App Store for iOS devices, and on the Play Store for Android devices for free.

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