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ARMY, You Can Finally Play BTS’ Newest Game, ‘BTS Universe’

Have you already downloaded the new game?

Heads up, ARMY, BTS’ newest interactive storytelling game BTS Universe is finally up and available for everyone to play! The game is made with the collaboration of Netmarble and BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment.

Check out the game trailer here:

BTS Universe is inspired by BTS’ ongoing creative universe called “BTS Universe”, a storyline following on Jin, who must travel through time to try and save his 6 other friends from their tragic fates. The said storyline has been incorporated in different formats — from BTS’ music videos and album “notes” to a webtoon and a 2-part book series.

In the new game, players can navigate the said universe and create their own unique stories to share with other people. They can also explore other alternate stories, including one that involves zombies, detectives, and another one with vampires!

Check out some of the game screenshots here:

To celebrate the game’s launch, Netmarble has announced a week-long check-in event where players can get a reward of 30 Jewels. Players who have pre-registered will also receive a costume set reward for a member of their choice.

For more information regarding this new game, you can check out BTS Universe’s official website. The app is available for free download via Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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