New Pokemon Games Announced

The Pokemon Company Teases Two New Pokemon Games

Become a photographer or a cafe owner in the Pokemon world!

In an online video presentation, The Pokemon Company teased two new Pokemon games coming to the Nintendo Switch: The New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Cafe Mix.

The New Pokemon Snap is inspired by the classic Pokemon Snap game for the Nintendo 64. On this game, players snap photos of Pokemon while traveling across beautiful horizons. See its teaser below:

Meanwhile, the Pokemon Cafe Mix is a “free-to-start” game that is coming to both the Switch and our mobile devices. On this game, you are the owner of a cafe for Pokemon, and you have to solve puzzles to grow your menu of adorable Pokemon-themed dishes and your equally adorable Pokemon cafe staff.

Aside from these games, The Pokemon Company also announced Pokemon Smile, a game targeting little children where they can rescue their favorite Pokemon while brushing their teeth.

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Pokemon Cafe Mix is set for a June 23 release this year, while the release for Pokemon Snap has not yet been revealed. For more information, visit the Pokemon website.

Homestream image from the Pokemon website.

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