HUAWEI’s Project E for E: An Environmental Protection and Preservation Advocacy

With the release of their Mate 30 Series, Huawei also launched their joint environment advocacy project.

To bolster HUAWEI’s commitment to its Rethink Possibilities mantra introduced with the Mate 30 Series, the tech giant announced its partnership with non-profit Save Philippine Seas (SPS) to launch a joint environmental advocacy project. Dubbed Project E for E: Saving Environmental Ecology through Technological Ecosystem, the campaign serves as a platform for Huawei to share its state-of-the-art ICT solutions to protect and preserve natural resources in the Philippines.

Home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world, the Philippines has tremendous ecological diversity that’s virtually unparalleled anywhere else. At the same time, the country has faced numerous challenges in maintaining a balance between a healthy ecosystem and industrial progress.

Save Philippine Seas recognizes these challenges, and the organization has made the improved protection of marine resources its main mission. While SPS has harnessed the power of social media to spread their message and galvanize others to action, their team-up with HUAWEI can help demonstrate the true potential of leveraging innovative technology to preserve our natural resources.

In pursuit of this goal, HUAWEI has pledged its support of Parrotfishnet — an IOT- (Internet of Things) powered project monitored by SPS that aims to protect the Burias Shoal Marine Sanctuary in Molugan El Salvador, Misamis Oriental from threats such as poaching, dynamite and illegal fishing. Parrotfishnet’s success depends on a stable internet connection for its ingenious buoy system to provide swift coordination between Burias Shoal’s sea wardens and respond to said threats. 

Anna Oposa, Executive Director of SPS shares her thoughts on the project, saying “We’re truly excited to collaborate with HUAWEI on Parrotfishnet; we believe it’s more important than ever to secure the integrity of our natural resources, as they undoubtedly affect our lives in more ways than we realize. We’re grateful that Huawei, as one of the leading tech companies in the world, shares our belief.”

HUAWEI will provide the equipment necessary (smartphones, wi-fi equipment, and a public cloud system) to power Parrotfishnet, seamlessly synced through Huawei Mobile Services’ (HMS) device ecosystem. This addresses all the key problems that have plagued efforts to protect Burias Shoal, mainly the insufficient equipment and unreliable communications system.

Project E for E doesn’t stop at supporting Parrotfishnet: the campaign involves raising awareness for causes advocated by SPS and other eco-protection organizations. Together with key figures in the photography/videography community, HUAWEI plans to launch a nature-centric photo exhibit using the Huawei Mate 30 Pro’s exceptional camera tech, in order to promote the Philippines’ beautiful landscapes and the efforts to preserve them.

George Li, CEO at HUAWEI Philippines says of the team-up project, “This special program initiated by Huawei is deeply rooted from our vision to bring digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. As a leader in technology and innovations, our pursuit is to make use of our capabilities to respond to the needs of our society, particularly our environment.”

Through E for E, we strive to empower communities by offering technological solutions like public cloud, improvements and expanding coverage of Internet connection, AI capabilities, mobile phones and a lot more.”

The campaign’s inclusive effort also entails a social media contest that encourages HUAWEI fans/users to send in their best photos and videos using Huawei phones as well as pledging commitments, in the spirit of the environmental protection movement. Proceeds from these events will go to Save Philippine Seas to fund their initiatives in the future. 

Led by Li, Huawei’s influential ambassadors grouped together as a union of environmental advocates and encouraged more people to join the cause of protecting and advocating nature. 

True to the Rethink Possibilities philosophy of its products, HUAWEI aspires to develop more inventive ways of contributing to an ecologically-sustainable future, here and across the globe.

To know more about Project E for E, you may visit Huawei Mobile Facebook page.


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