Fitness Meets Tech with These 5 Gift-Worthy Wearables to Amp Your Workouts

From fashionable smart watches that track your workouts like a pro to the sleekest wireless earphones that seamlessly connect you to crystal clear music, here's a gift guide for the favorite techies and fitness enthusiasts in your life!

Tech items are bound to be on top of everyone's holiday wish list, because now more than ever, everyone wants to be connected (and seen) with the sleekest and smartest tech gear available. There's so much tech gadgets to choose from, so for this gift list, we'll help you out by rounding up an array of the hottest tech wearables worth considering as awesome stocking stuffers this season!

From fashionable smart watches that track your workouts like a pro to the sleekest wireless earphones that seamlessly connect you to crystal clear music, here's a gift guide for the favorite techies and fitness enthusiasts in your life!

1. HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Active Edition – 42mm

SRP P9,990

For the tech-savvy lady who loves everything stylish yet functionable.


Finally, a smart watch that looks as good as your style! Its minimalist, slim aesthetic is paired with a high quality glass face that comes in customizable watch faces, as well as sleek and polished strap choices that take you from workout mode to professional mode! No need to settle for a chunky gadget that you think'll cramp your style and OOTD, as the elegant edition's slimmer, ligthweight dimensions will comfortably wrap around your wrist, and look good while at it.

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Elegant, soft and durable, the Watch GT2 also comes with a stunning 3D curved display with a stlyish selection of watch faces for you to choose and customize according to your mood or daily work (and workout!) outfits. 

2. HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Sport Edition – 46mm

SRP P10,990

For the gadget-loving gentleman needing a superpowered fitness wearable.

Not only will this gadget keep you connected to your calls and messages, it also keeps up with all your active hours like a personal trainer! Track your workouts efficiently with GT 2's real-time heart rate measurement, monitoring one's heart rate from day to night, and even track calories, speed, and length whether you take your exercise indoors such as elliptical machines and treadmills, or outdoors when you hike or run a marathon.  46mm is for men. From sweaty gym time to running outdoors, you can even wear your sport edition from swimming to the shower, thanks to its 5ATM water resistant feature! 


3. HUAWEI Band 4

SRP P1,890 (available in Graphite Black and Sakura Pink)

For the creative millenial who likes a splash of color while they're out and about.

With its hip and expressive visuality and affordability, Band 4 is the top choice to introduce the smart watch lifestyle to the younger folk that's both stylish and value for money.  Its colourful touch screen is highly customizable, so you can choose whichever creative watch colors suit your mood! Charging this bright and bold smartwatch is effortless, too, with its built-in USB plug that frees you from having to bring other cables and chargers.

It'll also keep up with your fitness goals with smart heart rate tracking and nine exercise modes, so you can keep active with your outdoor/indoor run, outdoor/indoor walk, outdoor/indoor cycling, elliptical, rower, and free training. It gains bonus points for also being 5ATM water resistant, so it's sweat proof and splash proof, too! 


4. HUAWEI Band 4e

SRP P1,390 (available in Sakura Coral and Misty Grey)

For the active techie who wants to bring their a-game on the hardcourt.

Who doesn't love a two-in-one tech wearable? Not only is this a lightweight wristwatch for the workout junkie, it can also be a band you can also clip on your shoes when you're busy playing basketball – it's the best workout partner because it's just as versatile as you! Simply attach it to your sneaker and Band 4e will track your basketball performance, monitoring your jumps, sprints, and even hang time. The detailed results you get from wearing this gear is all you'll need to train yourself like a pro! The pro-quality tracking doesn't stop there — the Band 4e will also be a game changer for runners with its comprehensive running stats!

Off for a much-deserved long holiday break? This smart watch will definitely keep up with your celebrations with a battery life that lasts up to 2 weeks, thanks to its power-saving technology!

5. HUAWEI FreeBuds3

SRP P8,990 (available in Carbon Black and Ceramic White)

For the audiophile on-the-go who wants nothing but the best sound and connectivity.

Ring in the holidays with the hottest ear candy in the market! Sleek, fast, comfortable, and power-efficient, FreeBuds3 is a premium wireless audio experience you can take with you from work to workouts!

It's ergonomically engineered to naturally fit in your ears, giving you comfort and stability with its open-fit design, and its fast Bluetooth connection ensuring audio and video is in sync thanks to it's anti-jamming tech. Stay focused in your phone calls with its active noise cancellation that will also keep you in rhythm with your workout playlist even if the gym is crowded and noisy! And speaking of playlists, this earpiece delivers nothing but studio-quality sound, bringing to your ears more oomph on the bass. 

Controls and charging is also made easy: tapping the Freebuds 3 controls its power, play, and switch music options, while you can charge on USB, wireless charging mat, or use your HUAWEI smartphone for reverse charging — you'll always have options when you're on the go!


So if the different techies in your life have been less naughty and more nice, it's time to do your holiday shopping with this Huawei gadget gift list! Now is also the perfect season (and reason) to celebrate because from November 30, 2019 to January 5, 2020, Huawei is treating its customers to a Christmas promotion, which include free gifts and price drops when they purchase participating products, including a P2,000 discount on the HUAWEI FreeBuds3 when purchased with select Huawei phones. Avail of more gadgets for gift giving this season as Huawei’s Mate30, Mate 30 Pro, P30, P30 Pro, and Nova 5T are also included in the promo!

For more on Huawei's 2020 Holiday Promotions, visit this link or a Huawei store nearest you.

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