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10 Addicting Single-Player Mobile Games to Cure Your Boredom

Looking for more games that can get you through this prolonged community quarantine? Check out this list!

Last time, we’ve rounded up some multiplayer games that you can enjoy with your friends, especially during this quarantine when you can’t physically hang out with each other.

But we also get it that sometimes, all you need is a good single-player game that you alone, can play anytime you want. No need to invite friends to join in, or to play alongside strangers that may or may not be toxic players.

That’s why we’ve got this new list for you! If you want to go solo gaming, here are some single player games that will get your hands glued to your device in no time!


Android | iOS (Free)

Image: 2Fuse on the Play Store

2Fuse is a fast-paced game that will challenge your hand and eye coordination. The mechanics? Just click on two similar blocks until they get cancelled out. Yes, it is simple but don’t underestimate the game just yet, because once you get the hang of it, you’d probably keep on playing 2Fuse until you get the high score that you can really be proud of.


Reigns: Her Majesty

Android (P155) | iOS (P149)

In Reigns: Her Majesty, you play as the heiress of a kingdom that you must now manage. Faced with different situations, you have to make the right choices to strengthen your seat of power and keep the conspirators at bay. Sounds like Game of Thrones? You can actually play a GOT iteration of this game from the same developers!


Smash Hit

Android | iOS (Free)

Smash Hit is comparable to a first person running game but this time, instead of just dodging obstacles, you have to break these glass hurdles with steel orbs. While it requires focus and timing from the player, the game’s relaxing harmony paired with the sound of glass breaking is actually quite soothing.

Candy Crush Saga

Android | iOS (Free)

Candy Crush has been around for some time now, but it still deserves a place on this list. It has vibrant visuals, a puzzle gameplay that’s easy to understand, and combos that are made more satisfying by that deep voice saying things like: “Tasty!” If you haven’t had your Candy Crush phase, then this game is highly recommended.

Alto’s Adventure

Android | iOS (Free)

Alto’s Adventure is a side-scrolling game under the endless runner genre. The formula isn’t quite new but what makes this game really stand out among the rest is the fact that it has such beautiful landscapes that are filled with mountainous horizons, peaceful villages, and ancient ruins. The game can really take you to places with just a handheld device and sheer determination.

Monument Valley

Android (P180)| iOS (P349)

Monument Valley can closely compete with Alto’s Adventure in terms of aesthetics. But instead of a running game, this is a unique puzzle game where you must guide the silent princess Ida through beautiful worlds by manipulating gorgeous architecture and beating intricate optical illusions. It is a great boredom buster especially to those who love some brain teasers.


Android | iOS (Free)

Another puzzle game, 1010! is just like Tetris minus the time pressure. Instead of piling it up from the top, you can freely move the blocks over the board. There are actually no special power-ups in this game, but just seeing those multiple rows and columns clear up in just one move will surely get your hands glued on your device.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Android | iOS (Free)

Of course, we can’t skip a great racing game that gets us pumped up with adrenaline. In Gameloft’s Asphalt 9: Legends, you can unlock up to 50 epic hypercars, join in over 800 events, and even race against other players in online multiplayer mode! It is actually freemium game, but you can still enjoy hours of high-octane gameplay without spending too much.

Marvel Future Fight

Android | iOS (Free)

If you’re into Marvel, then this action RPG game is your best pick. In Marvel Future Fight, you assemble your own team of super heroes or villains from the franchise’s vast pool of characters including those from X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and more. With its roster of heroes and skins that are constantly updated, plus numerous game modes and quests, Marvel Future Fight is a game perfect for your idle moments.

Plants Vs. Zombies Series

Android | iOS (Free)

Just like Candy Crush, the Plants Vs. Zombies franchise has enjoyed its peak of fame years ago, but they continue to get us hooked with sequels. The third installment of the game came out for Android devices a few months back, giving the graphics a distinct change with its new 3D look. More plants, bosses, and new features like multiplayer mode also await fans and new players alike!

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How about you, what’s your favorite mobile game to play during this quarantine?

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