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Level-up Gaming Experience DITO!

DITO supports Filipino online gamers and enthusiasts nationwide through its affordable gaming subscriptions and strong connectivity.

The online gaming scene in the Philippines continues to rise, with more and more Filipinos expressing their interest in playing online either through consoles, mobiles, or PCs. In a survey conducted by Rakuten Insight in April 2022, results showed that 80% of Filipino respondents said they play online games, with the majority saying they play daily.  

While gaming for leisure and relaxation remains to be the compelling reason for playing online games, the eSports industry in the Philippines also continues to grow, with a projected market revenue of $7.12 million this 2023. Despite its relatively young age in the industry, eSports has gained popularity in the country, with a growing number of Filipinos expressing their interest and passion for the craft. As the country’s youngest and newest telco provider, DITO Telecommunity continues to support Filipino online gamers as they go all-out and TODO in pursuing and nurturing their talent and passion for online gaming. 

Powered by its next-generation technology and strong connectivity, DITO is home to a wide variety of affordable mobile games that Filipinos can enjoy and experience. DITOzens can level up their mobile gaming experience by getting game currencies and gaming credits using their load balances via the DITO App for various gaming platforms such as Mobile Legends, Garena, Gameclub, Go Cash, EA Play, IMVU, Minecraft, Nintendo E-Shop, Roblox, Steam, Unipin, Xbox, PubG Mobile, and Growtopia. 

For Mobile Legends Bang Bang, subscribers can get diamonds which can be used for custom skins, emotes, and events like draw, bingo, or starlight membership pass) while for Garena (Call of Duty – Mobile), CP currency can be used for battle passes, custom bundles (skins for guns, clothing, and vehicles), and events. 

Avid gamers can also enjoy ad-free gaming on available games via DITO GameZone and Steam; validity varies from 1 day to 30 days. For Steam, subscribers can access and play games like NBA2k23 and GTAV, while DITO GameZone carries games from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Angry Birds, and more which are ideal for kids and those young at heart! 


“Here at DITO, it is part of our mission to support the Filipino online gaming community as they try to go all-out in making the most of their talents, interests, and passions for online gaming. We may be the youngest telco player in the country, but we strive to always provide avid Filipino online gamers with the best possible mobile gaming experience fueled by our next-gen technology and strong connectivity. As we continuously innovate and try to expand to new horizons, DITO will continue to be an ally of Filipino gamers in the country as they pursue and nurture their passion and represent the Philippines on the global stage,” said Jasper EvangelistaDITO Telecommunity Brand & Marketing Director. 

Start enjoying DITO’s mobile games, with its easy-to-access and convenient gaming products, using DITO load balances via the DITO App. Subscribers just need to follow these easy steps: log in to the DITO App, click “Buy App Subscription” on the homepage and choose the preferred subscription, enter a valid email address to receive the voucher code, and lastly, wait for the confirmation message. 

DITOzens can also enjoy an ultimate gaming experience by subscribing to DITO App Boosters. For as low as Php 50, subscribers can get 7GB of app access data with a bonus 1GB of open access data, valid for 7 days. 

In line with Republic Act 11934 or the SIM Registration Act (SRA), subscribers who register their SIMS will also receive a bonus of 2GB all-access data, which they can use for gaming upon successful SIM card registration. For more information about SRA, click here: DITO SIM Registration 

For more information, check out @DITOphofficial at Facebook and Instagram or visit

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