Spotify Unveils 'Your Time Capsule,' An Insta-Nostalgia Playlist Made Especially For You

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Finally, a collection of throwback tunes personalized for your listening pleasure, whenever you're feeling nostalgic about the good old days.

There are countless of throwback playlists that you can find online to stream, but let's be honest--they don't always completely vibe with you. You need a playlist that really understands your youth. Streaming service Spotify takes this audiophile dilemma and turns it into a brand new playlist called 'Your Time Capsule': it gives you two hours worth of your youthful memories with 30 songs especially rounded up for you.

So how does the music streaming service curate which tracks to put into your personalized playlist? Firstly, Your Time Capsule will be accessible to Spotify users aged 16 and above (anyone younger than that, of course, shouldn't do any throwbacks, just because). Then their algorithm does its magic -- collecting throwback jams from your teens and twenties (depending how old you are!) based on what tracks, artists, and playlists you're currently connected to in Spotify.

Your Time Capsule could be filled with your fave hip-hop and R&B jams, a collection of OPM hits from the 90s, boyband tunes, or it might even surprise you by resurrecting some guilty pleasure songs from the decades past. Here's a look at three different Your Time Capsule playlists -- you can see how different each throwback playlist is and can most likely tell from the songs how old each user is!

Ready to take a musical trip down memory lane? You can now access Your Time Capsule at the top of Home or in the Decades section of Browse on Spotify’s app for iOS and Android, or visit (you must be 16 years old and above)

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