“Woman I Am”: ARTablado shines the spotlight on artists who are mothers

“Woman I Am” is a captivating showcase by ARTablado that highlights the incredible talents of artists who are also mothers. Through this platform, these artists are given the recognition they deserve, shedding light on their unique experiences and creative contributions. Join ARTablado as they celebrate the strength, creativity, and resilience of these remarkable women.

Floral profusion marks Women’s Month at Robinsons Antipolo

In celebration of Women’s Month, Robinsons Antipolo is adorned with a beautiful display of flowers, symbolizing a profusion of femininity and empowerment. The floral decorations serve as a tribute to women and their contributions, creating a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere in the mall.


ARTablado Presents Our Stories in Color

“ARTablado Presents Our Stories in Color” unveils a kaleidoscope of narratives through vivid brushstrokes, inviting viewers into a world where every hue tells a unique tale.

ARTablado Presents Kaleidoscope 2: Mirrored Realities

ARTablado presents Kaleidoscope 2: Mirrored Realities, a captivating showcase of diverse perspectives and reflections on the world around us. Immerse yourself in a visual journey that challenges perceptions and invites you to see the world through a different lens.

Emotive florals that catch the discerning eye

Discover captivating floral arrangements that evoke emotions and appeal to the discerning eye. Explore a world of beauty and elegance with these stunning floral creations.


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