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ARTablado Presents Kaleidoscope 2: Mirrored Realities

ARTablado presents Kaleidoscope 2: Mirrored Realities, a captivating showcase of diverse perspectives and reflections on the world around us. Immerse yourself in a visual journey that challenges perceptions and invites you to see the world through a different lens.

30 young artists from La Salle College of Antipolo showcase their work at ARTablado Robinsons Antipolo from April 3 to 15

Last year, senior high school students from La Salle College of Antipolo (LSCA) got the chance to exhibit their work in ARTablado at Robinsons Antipolo. The show, called “Kaleidscope,” was a great opportunity for the young artists to be able to bring their art to a wider audience.

“Last year’s exhibit was a tremendous success, and it owes much of its success to ARTablado. To me, Artablado is like a welcoming home that always keeps its doors open for young, budding artists,” said LSCA teacher Jade Arabelle A. Cabauatan.

That’s really what ARTablado is all about. This Robinsons Land initiative, launched in 2020, has been supporting Filipino artists by giving them a venue where they can put their prowess on display. ARTablado, which can be found in Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Antipolo has featured both up-and-coming talents and established Filipino artists.

On April 3 to 15, another batch of Grade 12 students from LSCA will be showcasing their work in ARTablado Robinsons Antipolo in an exhibit called “Kaleidoscope 2: Mirrored Realities.”


Cabauatan said, “LSCA chose to keep the title ‘Kaleidoscope’ because it perfectly encapsulates the vibrant diversity and dynamic creativity thriving within our school’s art community. This title not only symbolizes the kaleidoscopic range of artistic expressions and perspectives showcased in the exhibit but also carries forward the legacy of last year’s students.”

She and fellow teacher John Paul Diciembre have been guiding the students through the entire process. “As educators in the Arts and Design, our primary objective is to provide students with real-world experiences in the industry. This encompasses everything from conceptualization to execution, culminating in the actual exhibition. Our students have invested considerable time and effort into brainstorming and crafting their pieces, with some starting their work months in advance in anticipation of this event,” Cabauatan said.

Thirty students from LSCA’s Arts and Design Strand and Special Program in the Arts—John Michael Carlos, Nicholas Cawicaan, Emman Cervantes, Adrian Dominguez, Brad Fernando, Aaron Legaspi, Victor Mojica, Josh Mondragon, Nathan Soriano, Gino Tolentino, Ben Zamora, Ayen Bonifacio, Sophia Bravo, Neyen Cinco, Rain Dungca, Aleksandra Escala, Daphne Jumawan, Raissa Liban, Ma. Franchesca Libio, Xiomara Ludovice, Kyleigh Christen Materum, Krystle Miguel, Lovely Pili, Maria Antoinette Querijero, Justine Saguid, Czarah Santos, Ma. Eliza Isabel Santos, Dana Tonogbanua, Chloe Wong, and Alegra Samson—will be participating in the exhibit.

“Having a chance to showcase my artworks in ARTablado is a great opportunity for a student like me to express my creativity in art and share it with others,” said student artist Sabel Santos.

Brad Fernando, another one of the students, shared, “As a young, evolving artist, ARTablado has opened a lot of doors for me to showcase what it means to be an artist.”

“Kaleidoscope 2: Mirrored Realities” is an invitation to a transformative journey that will allow viewers to navigate the labyrinth of mirrored realities, where truth and illusion intertwine, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Through different mediums, the exhibit captures the profound essence and inherent beauty of life itself, transforming experiences and emotions into tangible expressions of art. The students’ diverse perspectives on everyday life will be on display, creating moments for deep reflection, contemplation, understanding and connection.

The works will include paintings, digital art and even fashion design. The centerpiece of the exhibit: 27 artworks by 27 artists who will express their individuality through butterflies.

Diciembre said, “Partnering with ARTablado offers a unique opportunity to expose students to a broader audience and foster a deeper appreciation for art. It’s priceless and rewarding to see another batch of students have the chance to shine and share their art with a wider market, further enriching the school’s artistic legacy.”“Kaleidoscope 2: Mirrored Realities” will run from April 3 to 15 in ARTablado Robinsons Antipolo.

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