CCatherine Apaon

We arrived at the branch at 8:30 pm, saturday expecting it will be a quick process to get a sim only data plan, since we brought with us all the requirement needed.
My partner who has been with Smart for 3 years applied for Globe, hoping for a better experience.
We applied for the sim only plan to avoid any hassles compared to the phone plan.
To our disappointment, after fillng the form, we were waiting for almost 2 hours while the customer service representative went back and forth to their office since they could not complete the process asking for a validation of the payslip presented.
They stated because the applicant's employer is either a call center or bpo. It was never stated in the application form about that condition,, they have also, already received the 1000 peso down payment.
Worse is they require a response from the applicant's hr through email knowing that there is no hr during weekends, worse, during night time.
After all the complaints we threw, they decided to provide us the sim, but said for us to rerun the next day for the receipt. Who does that? We have paid and let us return the next day for the receipt? Please!
Advised that the sim will be activated 14 hours after, 12 noon the next day to be exact, it is already 4:15 pm the next day and the sim only says emergency only. What kind of service is this..... We are not sure if you discriminate ito or pbo companies or how your customers dress up, but this has been the worst service we experienced, let alone we have not even able to use the plan. How will you be able to compensate us with the lost time waiting in your branch for almost 2 hours and until now, we are stikl not able to enjoy the paln we applied and already PAID!!??!??!??!?! If there is lower than 1 star, that is the rate in this branch.... Lastly, the receipt was not provided if we dis not threaten to file a complaint!!! The worst!! Hope we can experience better service with other branches. Ayala branch is never recommended!!!!! Even their contact number is not functioning.. How do you reach them? Very disappointed in this branch!

 Sun, 2 Dec 2018 4:33 PM  |   More Reviews