8 Eco-Friendly Shops around Manila for a New Sustainable Lifestyle

Save the earth in style with these environmentally themed shops around Manila.

With all the news about the impending dangers our earth is coming to, it’s about time for us to be more conscious of what we use and buy as consumers. Consistently spending on items that are harmful to the earth has led to many environmental disasters that have had significant effects on us as humans. With pollution, improper waste disposal, deforestation, and other dangers happening around us, it’s best for us to reconsider and think about what we are consuming, and choose wisely where to buy from. These shops put environmental awareness as their top priority, and make for the first step to a greener lifestyle for you.

1. The Humble Market
Address: Shaw Boulevard, 1552 Mandaluyong

If you’re ready to take on the zero-waste lifestyle, The Humble Market caters to all your needs by providing you with absolutely no use of plastic, and by encouraging their customers to recycle their own old bottles and cases. Bring your own container or buy from the shop and buy all your household needs, from toiletries, self-care products, and even cooking ingredients. It’s an all-around, environmentally friendly shop to help you fast track that zero-waste lifestyle.

2. Paraluman 
Shop online at http://paraluman.ph

For a more local spin to eco-friendly products, Paraluman specializes in handcrafting sustainable products. Whether it be for style or for more practical uses, this store provides its customers a variety of aesthetically pleasing items all designed with environmental themes. Customers can buy shampoo bars, wooden toothbrushes, colorful metal straws, tote bags, sustainable drawing materials, and more, all wrapped in sustainable packaging.

3. Zero Basic
Shop online at https://www.instagram.com/zerobasicsph

Image: Zero Basics IG

Shop environmentally from the comfort of your own home with Zero Basics online. This shop offers its customers a more environmental option for a bunch of essentials. Zero Basics makes sure you are keeping that you’re saving the earth by using shampoo and conditioner bars, skin and hair care products, cleaning materials, and even an adorable lunch set complete with wooden utensils, tumblers, and containers. 

4. Ritual
Address: Jackson Building, 926 Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village, Makati 1223

Image: Ritual FB

Pay some respects to one of the pioneers of the eco-friendly shops here in Manila. Ritual is an environmentally-themed shop that first opened in 2010, and to this day, they serve local goods in recyclable packaging. Skip out on the plastic galore of groceries and buy your coffee, rice, salt, and other ingredients from here. They also serve toiletries and bathing products, including liquid soaps and deodorants. Plus, their use of old gin and alcohol bottles adds a rustic look to your household products.

5. Lucy in the Sky
Address: 2nd Floor, Glorietta 1, Hotel Dr, Ayala Commercial Center, Makati 1224

Image: Lucy in the Sky FB

Keep the sustainable lifestyle even with your latest OOTDs by shopping at Lucy in the Sky. The clothes are made of reclaimed and recycled fabric, and they make for the most comfortable tops that you can wear on any day. Find some casual, beachy tops to chic business attire, and even some wooly jackets and sweaters. Not only is it affordable with prices that are all less than P1,000, but it’s also a perfect way to show your awareness for the environmental consciousness in style.

6. Sundals PH
Shop online at https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/sundals.

Image: Sundals PH FB

To add more style to your closet, Sundals PH makes great eco-friendly fashion pieces. They specialize in abaca shoes and bags that are all the rage lately. The accessories are perfect for a summer look, and also adds a casual touch to business attire. By using organic materials to create these fashion pieces, Sundals PH proves that there’s always an environmentally friendly alternative, rather than adding to the growing problem of fabric waste.

7. Kool
Shop online at https://kool.ph/.

Image: Kool FB

Kool is another online shop that banks on their love for Mother Earth and sustainability. By putting an environmental twist on your everyday products, Kool PH marries fashion and function to encourage more responsible consumerism. Currently, they sell a wide range of lead-free, foldable water bottles and cups, phone cases, and surprisingly enough, teepees for your pets. There’s more in store for Kool Ph, so keep on the lookout for what they have next.

8. Got Heart Shop
Address: 69 Esteban Abada St, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108

Image: Got Heart Shop FB

For the all-around, complete, one-stop-shop for environmentally conscious consumers, Got Heart Shop offers its customers with anything under the sun, from the essentials to quirky accessories. After opening in 2012, it has made waves in providing sustainable living options for both producers and consumers by working with local produce, organic materials, and zero-waste packaging. Buy a range of items in their shops, including organic produce, recycled stationery and accessories, toiletries, bags, baskets, and more.


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