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Stepping into Joy: HOKA Opens Two Stores in Philippines

HOKA strides into the Philippines with two vibrant new stores at One Ayala Mall and GH Mall, spreading joyful performance across the nation. Discover the latest in running and fitness gear, innovative shopping experiences, and join the thriving HOKA Running Club community.

As the Philippines witnesses a surge in running, fitness, and outdoor activities, HOKA responds with the opening of two new stores, catering to the growing community of enthusiasts. Located strategically in One Ayala Mall and GH Mall, these stores bring HOKA’s renowned performance products closer to aspiring athletes and lifestyle enthusiasts alike.

The HOKA Experience: Discovering Performance and Comfort

Step into HOKA’s newest stores and immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge athletic gear. From top-of-the-line running shoes to versatile everyday trainers, HOKA offers a wide array of products tailored to suit every fitness enthusiast’s needs. Explore flagship models like the Cielo X1 and the sleek Mach 6, designed to elevate your performance and comfort.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology like the Foot Scanner and In-Store Treadmill Testing, customers can find their perfect fit with ease. The SafeSize foot scanning system analyzes foot anatomy and movement patterns, ensuring an ideal shoe match. Meanwhile, the in-store treadmill allows customers to experience the performance of HOKA shoes firsthand, ensuring comfort and support on every stride.

Joining the Running Community: HOKA Running Club (HRC)

Beyond being a retail space, HOKA stores serve as a hub for the vibrant HOKA Running Club (HRC) community. Aspiring members can join in-store or stay updated on HRC runs and initiatives. With the expansion of stores, HRC aims to reach more runners, fostering a sense of camaraderie and empowerment within the running community.

To mark the grand opening of the new stores, HOKA organized a spirited competition between teams from One Ayala and GH Mall. Athletes, coaches, celebrities, and HRC members engaged in a treadmill challenge while answering trivia questions, showcasing their endurance and wit. The event, broadcasted live on HOKA Philippines’ social media platforms, encapsulated the essence of joyful performance.


Experience the HOKA Difference

Join the celebration of movement and experience the HOKA difference at One Ayala Mall and GH Mall. Step into a world of innovation, performance, and joy, and discover why HOKA is the brand of choice for runners worldwide.

Visit HOKA’s new stores to explore the full range of products and immerse yourself in the world of joyful performance. For more updates and information, follow HOKA Philippines on Facebook and Instagram. Start your journey towards joyful running with HOKA today!

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