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4 Practical Self-Care Activities Your Future Self Will Thank You For

From organizing your email inbox to investing in the best and safest kitchen equipment, these practical ways to pamper yourself will make your everyday life less stressful.

When you hear the word ‘self-care,’ do you automatically think of going on a shopping spree, slathering skincare products on, lighting scented candles, or going on a spontaneous getaway? For busy millennials striving to keep their expenses within their budget, these forms of self-care might seem a little too self-indulgent and costly.

But real self-care goes beyond pampering your physical self. Have you ever noticed how you felt good after changing your sheets? Or how you felt like you can conquer anything the moment you finish organizing your desk? These are also forms of self-care.

Practical self-care is essentially doing tasks to make life less stressful in the future. While they don’t sound as fancy as other self-care activities you might have heard of, practical self-care activities will help give you a sense of control over your life and save your future self from being frazzled.

Here are simple and practical self-care practices you may not have thought of that can make a big impact on your everyday routine:

Organizing your email and files

Studies show that cluttered spaces are associated with higher levels of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. As our space now extends to the digital realm, this also holds true for our devices and digital storage.

Set a time to organize your folders, delete duplicate files, and set a labeling system. This will not only speed up your device and free up storage but will also improve concentration and boost productivity. Your future self will thank you that they will not have to go through heaps of files that look alike!

Doing a closet inventory

Have you ever found yourself saying “I have nothing to wear” while staring at a full closet? Doing a closet inventory might be the perfect self-care routine for you.

Taking some time to organize your closet and plan your outfits ahead will save you the stress and frustration of having to rummage through piles of clothes and shoes. Going through all your clothes and assessing which ones to keep will also help you save space and money. When you know which ones still fit, you’re less likely to impulsively buy another one.

Meal planning and prepping

For those who have a lot on their plate, even just thinking about what to eat is an overwhelming chore. Meal planning and meal prepping both remove the stress of having to come up with dishes every day.

Setting aside time to plan your meal ahead allows you to make healthier food choices and stay within budget. Preparing a batch of meals ahead of schedule will also save you the trouble of having to make last-minute food decisions and cleaning up plates and pans every mealtime.

Investing in high-quality kitchen equipment

You cook and eat best when you feel good in the kitchen. That does not only stop at whipping up delicious meals, but also ensuring that your kitchen equipment is working well.

Set a time for preventive maintenance of your kitchen equipment, from your knives and pans to your refrigerator and stove. This will help you identify which minor issues can still be fixed so you don’t have to worry about major repairs later. More importantly, doing an integrity check to make sure your tools and appliances are in good shape will help prevent injuries.

If you are unsure about doing checks yourself, you can ask for professional help. To ensure the safety of your LPG stove, trusted LPG brand Solane conducts the 7-point Safety Check, an exclusive service provided to all Solane LPG home delivery customers nationwide. Friendly Solane Hatid-Bahay riders will make sure LPG is correctly installed and make sure that your burner produces a blue flame to maintain the quality of your gas appliance.

Like these practical safe-care activities, having peace of mind comes from the confidence that your environment will not cause you additional stress. Investing in kitchen equipment guaranteed to last as intended means less stressful situations for your future self.

When you invest in a long-lasting kitchen fuel like Solane LPG, your future self will thank you for not having to go on an unexpected search for refill. More importantly, you can be at ease knowing that a genuine and trusted LPG brand will not cause you harm.

Verified Solane LPG products are guaranteed to have gone through proper safety checks to ensure the safety of your household. Solane LPG also has a safety feature called ‘Auto Shutoff’ valve, ensuring that your kitchen is still safe from leaks even during times when you forget to close the valve.

To ensure that you only get Verified Solane LPG, customers may call the Hatid Bahay Hotline (+632 8887-5555), send a message to 0918-887-5555 (Smart) / 0917 8977555 (Globe). Customers may also place their order through the Solane Web Ordering platform (, the Solane Facebook page (, or place their orders through the Solane LPG app, available on the App Store or Google Play.

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