Onitsuka Tiger Autumn & Winter 2022 Collection

Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger continues to present contemporary collections that combine fashion with sports, and heritage with innovation.

The campaign visual for the AW22 collection is created based on the concept of “Shadow”, using monotone black and white colors.

The supple movement and the elegant posing of the models, were inspired by designers of the Japanese fashion scenes in the eighties.

Through this campaign visual, Onitsuka Tiger pays tribute to the eighties when the Japanese aesthetic of “purity and austerity” blasted Western aesthetics.

This collection is about those years and is delivered with an active and contemporary take. Layering, typical of Japanese ceremonial dress, is pivotal in conceiving a style that expresses an original and genderless collection.

In addition to the ultra-oversized T-shirts made of heavy cotton and graphically embroidered kaftans (overdresses), the only distinctive embellishments in the collection are the flame and flower prints on the hems of various apparel items. The collection has a slightly Gothic & girly style, with a modern rock star twist and presents various items such as velour dresses, and mini dresses with a drawstring waist. Layer these items with nylon jackets, maxi Bermuda pants, midi-length pleated skirts, and multi-pocketed waistcoats, and add balaclavas on the head.


For footwear, the PETAL™ model is a classic court style shoe with an ankle-height upper that complements a wide range of styles, while ACROMOUNT™ KNIT model, with a subtle print accent on a minimalist, simple design, symbolizes the theme of the collection: Shadow.

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