Love, Bonito launches its latest Kids Collection and First-ever Children’s Swimwear

Rediscover the world through a child’s eyes: Love, Bonito’s newest Kids collection features summer-inspired print motifs.

This summer, Love Bonito launches its newest Kids collection using new fabrication coupled with playful and abstract print motifs. The abstract prints range from gentle, majestic underwater creatures to skateboards and playthings, designed to facilitate engagement between parents and children through conversations and imaginative play. The brand will also be introducing swimwear for kids for the first time, allowing moms and their little ones to twin even by the pool.

[Left to Right] Henri Relaxed Unisex T-Shirt in Summer Playthings (Daffodil) and Korie Elastic Drawstring Shorts in Summer Playthings (White); Elara Double Strap Low Back Swimsuit in Summer Playthings (White); Elara Double Strap Low Back Swimsuit and Azel Unisex Button Down Shirt in Summer Playthings (Daffodil); Azel Unisex Button Down Shirt in Summer Playthings (White) and Korie Elastic Drawstring Shorts in Summer Playthings (Yellow)

Research suggests that unlike adults, children are able to keep information separate from their senses and may therefore perceive the visual world differently. As such, headlining this collection is the brand’s very own in-house print, Summer Playthings. The prints feature abstract shapes, forms and lines that can be interpreted in infinite ways through a child’s imagination.

Is the motif a whale or a skateboard, a stingray or a kite? For their little souls, anything is possible. This collection aims to evoke different perspectives, spark curiosity, encourage parent-child bonding through the sharing of different viewpoints, in the hope for adults to rediscover the world through a child’s eyes.

Azel Unisex Button Down Shirt in Summer Playthings (White); Elia Ruched Flare Dress in Summer Playthings (White);

Moreover, we recognise that moms are constantly on the lookout for children’s apparel that are not only chic, but also comfortable and easy-to-wear. For this Kids collection, we have introduced two new materials, printed rayon and drapey summer denim, both of which are light and breathable to ensure maximum comfort for hotter days. Being more absorbent than cotton, rayon is ideal for humid climates since it absorbs moisture from the skin. As for our summer denim, it is made of a lighter fabric which feels cool and gentle to the skin, keeping the body more comfortable and allowing the skin to breathe.

Elim Sqaure Neck A-line Top in Summer Playthings (Daffodil) and Ivana Denim Elastic Skirt in Light Denim Washed; Presley Denim Relaxed Romper in Medium Denim Washed; Zambi Unisex Round Neck Muscle Tee in Summer Playthings (White)

Moms can also look forward to twinning pieces, including swimwear, launched for the first time in a Kids collection, and start planning for fun-filled family days under the sun!


Love, Bonito’s Kids collection is sold online from 22 June 2022 at

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