Merrell Hydro Mocs

Merrell Doesn’t Care If You Stare At Their New Hydro Mocs

The ultra-comfy water shoes now come in Spring-friendly colors

Merrell, a brand best known for its outdoor collection of hiking boots and trail runners, continues to pique the interest of loyalists, streetwear enthusiasts, and sneakerheads alike by releasing three new colorways of their unique-looking water shoe, including a women’s style this time. Undoubtedly eye-catching and surprisingly functional, the Hydro moc has garnered significant buzz and more than a few rave reviews upon its introduction to the country last November of its Black and Navy styles.

The “ugly” shoe now comes in new Spring-ready shades like Butternut and Black/Brindle for men and Burgundy for women. Made with a single piece of rubberized EVA foam, the Hydro Moc is an all-rounder that is just as suited for the beach and the camping trail as it is on city streets and even casual bike rides as it combines a sleek, ironic fashion with technical function.

Clockwise from left: The Merrell Hydro Moc in in Butternut, Black/Brindle, Burgundy, Black, and Navy (P2,590)

New Jersey-based Youtuber Jeorella Gatchalian wears the Women’s Hydro Moc in Burgundy.

Australian fashion influencer Sausage Lord wears the Women’s Hydro Moc in Burgundy.


First released in North America, the Hydro Moc drew immediate attention from the media and the general public because of its unusual and unforgettable look. The shoe has since garnered scores of fans from Latin America, East Asia, Australia, and now the Philippines. Appealing both to streetwear aficionados and island lifers the world over, the Hydro Moc has often been worn with brightly colored socks or on their own for outdoor activities at the beach, camping, and biking.

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Model Brent Javier wears the Men’s Hydro Moc in Black.

La Union-based actor/model John James Uy wears the Men’s Hydro Moc in Black.

Fashion influencer and photographer  Jeff Ong wears the Men’s Hydro Moc in Navy.

For a more easy-on, easy-off experience, the Hydro Slide provides the same kind of comfort but with more freedom on-foot, making it a perfect aftersport sandal. Last year saw the release of Black and White colorways of the slide. This year welcomes a women’s-only Burgundy colorway. 

You can now shop the latest Hydro Moc and Hydro Slide colorways in Merrell concept stores nationwide, major department stores and online at their  official webstore


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