Your Pastel Kitchen Dreams Come True with Chef Sheilla Kitchwares

Chef Sheilla proudly shares that she handpicked each piece of her kitchenware.

Dreamy Blue cupcake muffin pans and silicon oven mittens! Sweet Pink hand mixers and whisks! These are some of the newly launched Chef Sheilla Kitchwares by Chef Sheilla Lopez.

Known globally as the Soulful Kitchen Diva, Chef Sheilla, wears multiple hats: Cuisine and Pastry Chef, Chef Instructor, Chef Consultant, Food Stylist, Food Photographer, Recipe Developer and Food Writer among other things. And the kitchen is her domain. Everything that goes in her kitchen – from ingredients, kitchen tools, gadgets, utensils and equipment – must be functional, durable, top-of-the-line quality and can serve multiple purpose.

When asked why she came up with her own line of kitchen wares, Chef Sheilla says “I’m not going to lie, I have collected many branded kitchenware pieces over the years, and they are quite pricey. Many of my followers get intimidated by this. They think they can only make these recipes using expensive tools. I always remind them that they can still create perfect dishes with affordable and reliable kitchen wares.”

She confesses to have very high standard when it comes to the kitchen tools she uses, and with Chef Sheilla Kitchwares, she proudly declared that she handpicked each piece. She tested their functionality and durability and made sure that the items are pleasing to the eyes with their pastel hues and “they’re not going to be super expensive”. She also created standardized recipes on her website so that people can create their dishes using her kitchenware essentials.

Chef Sheilla Kitchwares includes, among others, the ff. items:  Hand mixer (with stand), Silicone Cupcake/Muffin Pan, 5-piece Mixing Bowls with Lids, Silicone Oven Mittens, Stainless Steel Cake knife and Server Set with Ceramic Holder, Chopping board and even a Waterproof Digital Kitchen Scale.  Price ranges from P230 for the Stainless Flour Sifter to P1650.00 for the durable Non-stick 12” Wok Pan with Lid (5-layer coating, smart heat conduction and with silicone handle).


Chef Sheilla Kitchwares are available on . The items are also on Lazada and Shoppee.  

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